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HART Advanced 1 August 1st

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by stu_h, Jul 13, 2010.

  1. HART Advanced 1 August 14th !-edited

    Anyone here doing the HART advanced one day on august 1st ? - EDIT now 14th !
  2. No, but make sure you do a write up :0)
  3. They have that 'bring a friend and save $50' thing still on don't they? ;)
  4. I should have mentioned this was in [VIC].

    yes, will do a write up afterwards.
  5. no mate, got into the 14th August one :(
  6. Doing mine this Sat at Kilsyth....
    Let you know how it goes...
  7. Good stuff !

    Blacke, is zen doing that one with ya ?
  8. I'm doing the 14th, the 1st has been booked out for some time.
  9. Everyones doing the 14th..... maybe i should switch

  10. Yep - I'll be there.
  11. haha !

    Now doing the one on the 14th !!!!!

    see ya all there !

    (unless you all cancelled which got me the spot there.... :(
  12. I'll be there. Been hanging out for it all week.
  13. Attached Files:

  14. It was all good fun. Looking at the way the cones are supposed to be laid out for the low-speed work for the police solos was a bit humbling. Especially when I think about the kinds of bikes they'd be doing those tight turns on... yoiks!
  15. Was a good day out , and like someone said I could have done a few more laps in the freeplay time at the end.

    The slow riding through those markers zenali was REALLY tough.. I also felt ok with my slowriding , but that really brought me down..

    By the end of that section I managed a few full lock turns super slow , but barely.. thats the spot where most people put their bike down.

    Emergency stop practice was great fun , loads of sliding and smoke while people sorted the method out and a few big stoppies!

    cornering lines and Corner braking was what i felt helped me the most.