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HART 2 day course: rain, hail, or shine?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by R0SSC0, Jun 29, 2009.

  1. I know I could solve this with quick phone call tomorow (and I'll prob call to confirm anyway), but I wanna know now. The forecast is looking quite shite for Wed/Thur, which are my learner course/test days. Will we soldier on? Has anyone ever had a training course in crazy weather? :? [/i]

  2. Both days of my L's course at HART Tullamarine were in moderate rain.

    That is to say: You'll be doing it rain, hail or shine, yes.

    The upside is, it shows at a very early start that riding in the rain isn't so bad. You get practice performing emergency stops, etc, in the wet. :)
  3. I did my course at Armstrongs and when booking I asked the question about rain. I was told the lessons are done in all conditions and wet weather gear is provided.
    I was also told to bring spare socks and footwear in case it does rain as your feet will get wet and you wont want to go home with wet feet.
    Good luck you'll have a ball just remember to listen and not get to nervous.
  4. Yep, runs in all conditions.
    I had heavy rain for my learners and Ps test, and to think those have been the only times I have been on the bike in the wet.

    As the instructors will tell you, the tests have been designed to be passed in wet conditions.

    Good luck with the course!!
  5. Light rain for Ls, heavy rain for Ps. riding home after Ps got caught in the heaviest rain I have ridden in to date! Torrential!
  6. Yes they give you wet weathers to wear. i would say its better to learn in the wet, gives you that experience.
  7. rain'd during first day at Kilsyth Hart Honda.

    Good practice, as i was always paranoid that thought bikes had like NO grip in the rain. but yeah, helped me overcome that fear.
  8. Not too much rain on the first day after all (today). Just enough to get the experience and make the emergency braking a bit more fun. Had a blast and felt really good on the bike by the end of the day. A bit nervous about the test tomorrow, but I should be fine. :)
  9. did they do the excercise where they show you the different stopping distances with variations in front/rear/both wheels locking and sliding...and then proper rear braking ?? Its pretty interesting.

    Good luck for 2moreo bud :grin:
  10. You're getting the opportunity to test your limits and skill in the wet on a bike you're allowed to drop.... I'd say go for it! :grin: (don't hurt yourself though).
  11. over the 2 days of my course it rained, and shone. i dont recall hail...
  12. Yep. Very usefull, especially in the wet. Oh... and I passed no worries. Very pleased :grin:
  13. freak awesome ! never had a doubt :wink:
  14. Either my L's or P's got cancelled. I think they had a cyclone warning though... So generally you get to party in the worst of it. :wink: