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Harry the Huntsman

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Flipper, Dec 7, 2005.

  1. Splat, there is no way, no how that he is staying alive

  2. Get the broom and place him outside

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  3. Leave him be, he isn't hurting anyone

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  4. Depends where he is

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  1. Got home from Wollongong on Sunday night and who is patiently waiting for us just inside the front door? It's Harry the Huntsman.
    Dave asks me "Shall we get ride of it?"
    I reply "Nah, he isn't hurting anyone, as long as i know where he is he's OK."
    Well yesterday morning I woke up to say good morning to Harry and he is no-where in site. Might be all the rain, he may have gone back to his hidey hole. Dave asked this morning if I had seen him at all. Nope haven't seen him......

    Until NOW!!!!! :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:
    As I type this I am watching the monitor with one eye and Harry with the other. Where is he? He has found a nice warm spot on top of my monitor!!!
    He can stay there for the time being but if he crawls over and onto the screen, he will be gently placed outside with all the other creepy crawlies!

    What do others do with spiders they find in their homes?
  2. Harry's cousing was at my work yesterday... He couldnt stay because some of the female staff were worried... A glass and a piece of paper, and I took harry out to the park to play... I hope he took the hint
  3. Dead the moment the step in the house. Some people think huntsmans are fine because they're not life threatening. The do still bite though, and they bloody well hurt. :x

    The thing about spiders is, I don't care what the scientist say, if I don't kill it, it'd bloody well have a shot at me. :evil: Circle of life. 8) :LOL:
  4. So long as he doesn't crawl inside one of the helmets and stays out of the bedroom, its all good.
  5. I'll take them outside if they've been inside for over a day, otherwise they often starve to death. I used to keep one as a pet, lovely things. Their bite kinda hurts though (similar to a bee sting)
  6. If my youngest son is at home, he will pick him up and take him outside for me....otherwise it's splat! :shock:
  7. Suck him up with the vacuum, that's what I do.

    Take the foot off the end of the vacuum pole, and you don't even have to get close to the bugger, then leave the vac running for another 5 minutes to make sure he's suffocated.

    After you turn it off, stick a crushed up plastic bag in the end of the pole and don't touch it for a week.

    Works for me :) I hate the bastards.
  8. they're fine

    whit tails and redback get the splat treatment though

    harry should be left alone..... glad he found a nice worm place to stay :)
  9. I regularly have them invade my office in the back of my garage, and I pick 'em up on the broom and deposit them out on the lawn.

    Of course I always worry about that too, 'cos I remember the Simpsons episode when Lisa goes to a lot ot trouble to save some animal, and then a bigger one eats it :LOL:
  10. huntsmans are like my all time favorite spider :D i have 2 pets and multiple others running around the house/garage.

    they look big and scary, but generally, they're like the biggest wussbag spiders you'll ever see :LOL: they sometimes get aggessive, but they're much more likely to piss themselves and run off than have a shot at you.

    they kill the nasty germy icky bugs around the house and provide entertainment in so many forms :D
  11. somewhere i read that between huntsmans and Daddy long legs they tend to keep the population of redback and white tails in check. If they do.. good on em.
  12. you can improve this technique....

    after you put the crushed bag in the end of the pole... run a bath and submerge your vacuum cleaner... you can take it out when the bubbles stop coming up...
  13. Call me a girl.......... but mine get the vacuum treatment. I just feel too creepy sharing a house with Harry.
  14. Ah, Harry the Huntsman.

    Gee, I love spiders :p

    Picture this.

    Phillip Island. Ride day. New bike. Mmmm, first session, having fun. Come back into the pit area and admire my bike, my tyre and just how awesome I am 8) .

    Some guy I don't know says 'Hey, you brought your mate'. Er, what ya mean. 'Your mate, you know, the spider on your speedo'. Shite! Turn around just in time to see Harry dive under the speedo and into the fairing. OK, I'm wearing leathers, full face, gloves and boots. What could a spider do to me? Then I had visions of main straight, tucked in and seeing the little paws of a spider coming up my helmet. Eeeek!

    So I started to try to find the bugger. A crowd assembles. All muttering wise words of wisdom. Unfortunately, no one can find the thing. OK, start to take bits of fairing off, looking for him. Can't find him. And then we are called for the next session and I have to make a decision. And the lure of the track won. Never did find him. The tree hugger in me hopes he got out and wandered around PI. But then again....
  15. I voted: Depends where they are... Even though that's not quite true.

    If I've got a mate nearby who I know isn't fond of spiders, I'll pick Harry up and show him to the "mate" at close range... :twisted:

    Otherwise they're left alone.

    As Drew mentioned - Huntsman and Daddy Long Legs spiders keep White Tail Spiders away.
    White tails/White tip spiders are nomads (they don't have a permanent home), so get chased away by other spiders.
    Red backs, on the other hand, do set up homes - Huntsman spiders keep them in check as both types of spider like the same thing - Dark, dry and draught free living. :)
  16. I love spiders (scared sh^tless of snakes ) I use to leave them alone weather inside or out but Rhonda doesnt like them so if i dont get to them first to take them out then they die with a can of spray from Rhonda . The chemicals dont kill them , its the amount she sprays them with , they drown first :shock:
  17. Depending on where they are, I'm happy to leave them alone. But Mrs Gromit usually wants them out of the house, so it's the paper-and-glass routine.

    Generally no sweat, but one holiday I found myself standing naked and chilly in the middle of the night, chasing a huntsman in and out the slats of a louvre door adjoining the bedroom, while Her Majesty huddled under the sheet issuing directions... :LOL:
  18. ah the power of words, what an image that conjures up, Clive :D
  19. The spiders that come in during rain, mostly go back out when it stops raining around my place. That is if they can
    * survive my spider catching dog.
    * pass the girly scream test. The smaller the spider the better its chances.
  20. I'm sure your scream's not that girly, Randy! :wink: :LOL: