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Harrassment & bullying ..... I mean sales pitch

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Aussiespur, Mar 13, 2009.

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  1. My mate is looking to upgrade his bike (he has a Kawasaki ER5) and really likes the Fireblade. We went into a bike shop (I won't name the store) and he asked to test ride an '07 Fireblade to see if it's what he wants as it's a racing bike & a different seat style plus the bigger engine capacity.

    To cut to the chase he was sat down by the salesman afterwards & they "chatted" about figures etc. My mate said he wouldn't be in a position to buy for another couple of months as he doesn't want to go the way of finance. He was there for an hour the sales guy wouldn't let him walk away. I know he's doing his job but when does the sales pitch end & bullying/harrassment begin ? He even called his manager over & there were 2 of them crowding my mate pressuring him to "not let it go ..... just put down a deposit, it's a limited edition (which it wasn't)" .. etc .. etc. I felt it was completely unprofessional & it has put me off going back to that store & perhaps test riding any bikes myself until I have the cash to buy.

    Am I being harsh ? Is this normal practice in bike shops ?
  2. I don't get it. Short of being physically restrained by the staff what exactly was stopping your mate from simply telling them to go f*&k themselves and walking out? :?
  3. That's what I thought, but he's not that type of bloke. I would've just walked away myself but he is somewhat timid in nature (except on the road :LOL: ).
  4. You know what is in the salesmans head now?


    You can never let him go back to that store.
  5. Funny enough I was talking to one of the staff at red wing today, and he was saying they have been getting heeps of people in who want to take the cbr1k out, but are interested in 6 months or more time. i'd say no to the ride as well. but the hard sell... meh i'd be gone.
  6. I had that when I was buying my new car. One dealership basically had two prices. One they would give me if I would put down a deposit, and RRP +on roads that they would let me 'shop around with'. I think she thought her boobs would win me over.

    In the end I just told them its not the way I want to conduct my business, as it made it difficult for me to access properly how good their price was. Added to that the effort I had to put in to even talk to someone there was insane.

    End of the day BRING ON THE RECESSION!!! It should hopefully clean up a few industries.

    I guess the only question is was your mate honest with them? When buying said car, I went in 2 weeks before just looking etc, and said to them just that. Just looking, if I can go for a quick burn around the block great. So they knew straight off not to be too pushy.
  7. It's a sales trick. people don't generally like to be rude. so the trick is to keep you talking. So long as you are in a conversation you feel like you can't walk away.

    Telemarketers do it and door knockers do it too.

    The thing is you have to recognise it and tell yourself that it is in fact not you that is being rude, but the salesperson. Once you convince yourself of that, then you feel no guilt about walking away, slamming the door or hanging up the phone.

    Salespeople use all sorts of tricks most of which most people will not even be aware off.
  8. Same thing happened to me when I was shopping for the ZX14. When I told em I didnt like the finance deal and I was just having a shop around they told me to come back when I was serious.

    I did go back AFTER I brought Pammy, just to tell them I was serious, and to show em the bike I brought.

    tell ya mate to tell em to stuff it.

  9. Seems to me the salesman picked your mate for a soft cok straight away and pounced on him...

    If he cant say no he needs to take someone with him who can.
  10. Can always just stop talking to them.

    Sit there with your arms folded. Let them make their points and ask their questions. When they are finished just ask, "May I go now?"

    Oh wow, come to think of it. It might be the same when talking to the police.
  11. Well done :grin:
  12. let me guess, your mate gave his phone number to them also, if he did, expect him to get pounced on with phone calls..

    heres what you tell the salesmen

    mate, im here today to tell you how im going to spend MY money, im not here for you to tell me how to spend it..
  13. The difference between bail and remand or a warning and a ticket. :shock:
  14. The hard sell is what these guys are trained to do. It's how they make money. Especially at the moment.

    A few months ago i went with a mate who was buying his brother a car as a birthday present - No he's not loaded, just given the job. Anyway he's an ex car salesman and a current motoring journo and it's just amazing to watch how formulaic they all work. He was able to tell me exactly what was going to happen well before we even got to the dealership. All the discounts and all the "value adding" is just a scam. Its good for you, but costs them bugger all. They try to seem like they care about you, but really, all they care about is your signature. Can't blame them though. Like i said, it's how they make money.
  15. Would have liked to have been there. How did your mate counter the spin?
  16. It was all fairly simple. They would do the whole "i need to go talk to my boss" thing and while they were gone he was saying things like "they already know exactly how much money they need to make on this". They come back and ask "how much are you hoping to get on your trade in?" he tells them some stupidly high figure just to see how far they will go.

    Then he's just up them about how "the tyres are almost bald, and i don't think you can even legally sell the car like that", the guy didn't even look, it was just oh we can replace those...

    After a while the salesman even offered to let us take the car home for the evening(!!!!!) but circumstances didn't allow it.

    By the way it was a CV8 Monaro. Sounded awesome. :grin:
  17. Everybody deals with hard sells. I was nearly convinced into buying a daytona 675 when i already HAD one. :LOL: It's not that hard to get up, turn around, and walk out the door.
  18. I thought this story made a pleasant change from all the usual whining about standing in the showroom for an hour with none of the sales team showing any interest. :p
  19. Mind you, asking to take an 18 grand (?) bike for a test ride on the basis that you might possibly be thinking about buying one in a few months is also a bit keen...
  20. That's gold! Although I can't complain, really... I've been going around the bike shops lately and I am actually suprised how easy it's been to get a test ride - basically I waltz in, say 'so.. how about a test ride?' and they run for the keys. I don't know if it's the sign of recession starting to bite, or my maturity starting to show :)
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