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NSW Harold Scruby's SMH article "Why NSW needs more speed cameras"

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by nadski, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/opinion/polit...eed-cameras-20110622-1geye.html#ixzz1Q3GHKnRZ

  2. Favourite bits:

    What a crock. Does Scruby have a car?
  3. Trying to do some research, this was the first result:

    Whatever you say now Scruby, it doesn't change the fact that you have hit a pedestrian in your Mosman tractor and I haven't.

    Cheap shot payed. Wake me up when someone kills him.
  4. Maximum and monumental LOLAGE.

    You Sir, are a prince among men.
  5. one idiot and a fax machine can change the world, although we sincerely hope not
  6. So why haven't WE got a fax machine?
    (Or is that an idiot?)
  7. We have lots of idiots here, just that none of them have a fax machine.
  8. I don't know about a fax machine, but we've got plenty of idiots....

    Seriously though, someone should be patrolling the streets of North Sydney looking for this oxygen thief and run him down :evil:.
  9. I thought he resided in mexico these days.
  10. He resides up his own ass. I don't think he's ever left it.
  11. ...aaand that pellet of frogshidt demonstrates all anyone really needs to know about the credibility of this dribbling outlet.

    As an NRMA Member, they represent me, and they know way more about these things than he does.

    Hell yes. Can we please do this?
  12. i hear he found the sun in there, Apparently he likes the view.
  13. Justus posted up a background a while back on Scruby and the ped council... Scruby is more than just an idiot with a fax machine. He's a connected idiot, with means and connections... and a royal PITA.
  14. Hes a numbnut
  15. He is against everything, not just motorists. cyclists even. Everything.

    He would probably put speed cameras on footpaths to book fast walkers and make it a $550 fine for walking on an escalator.
  16. That he's connected goes without saying. There would be no chance he would get anywhere near the exposure he does if he was a mentally retarded nobody instead of a mentally retarded somebody.
  17. Seriously, why is there an association for WALKING?

    I'm going to start a group "Association of Oxygen Breathers". I'm going to protest motherfarking trees for not creating oxygen fast enough. We'll even let mouthbreathers in like Scrubby.
  18. He is a super troller. LOL
  19. Let's see...