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Harleys on ebay

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by oldmanriver, Mar 31, 2008.

  1. Getting back into bikes after many years away from riding and now want to get a Harley. I notice on ebay there are a few sportsters for under 10k is that because the engine is stuffed and they are going to crap out soon or is that just what these models are worth??
    Any advice appreciated thanks

  2. They're pretty cheap new, these days.

    More than likely the 800 - they depreciate only slightly better than a jap bike.
  3. sorry double post as I thought the other was deleted but it was just moved.
    Any advice re 2nd hand harleys appreciated though. Thanks/.

  4. If sprots means sportsters then the 10k mark is about what they sell for. They can go higher or lower depending upon the ccs (some are 1200cc) lows, customs, anniversary models etc...

    I've been looking at them myself - I just hate buying anything like that from Ebay since you can get majorly shafted :)
  5. yeah think Ill end up buying off a dealer so I dont get shafted on ebay. Really like the look of these but will have to hunt for one with upgraded shocks and seat I think.
  6. Ebay is fine if you can inspect the bike before buying - otherwise its a minefield.

    Dealers want you to bend over and see what it the biggest object (rip off) you can take up the butt.

    Buying privately is ok if you can inspect and don't mind delaing with the occasional moron.

    In all three cases you really (if you don't know what to look for) need to shell out a few bucks for a mechanic to check it out for you. If the bike is good the seller shouldn't mind.
  7. Thanks. Yeah visited a few dealers and sydney and yes they are a massive rip off it seems trying to get me to upsize , upsizxe and upsize till my 10k budget went to almost 20k :(
  8. There are some good Harley buys on Ebay but be prepared to physically inspect them and go over them and their history thoroughly. Second hand sportys are particularly good buying private if you look carefully. I found ,my wife's old Sportster that way for an absolute bargain price.
  9. Are the older harleys worth a look or are the high maintenance?
    Id prefer post 2004 with the rubber engine mounts but is it really nescessary? Is the vibration that bad?
    There are some cheap 90's harleys, and even cheaper pre 90's models, but the last 8 years the price goes up.
  10. IMHO, yes.

    They're cheap because nobody wants to buy them. Pay, say, $8K for something that is going to pretty much rattle your teeth loose on a long ride. Or pay $11K for something much more comfortable to ride all day. Once you pay the premium in price you will always get it back, plus enjoy a much smoother bike.

    Go and test ride a few models and then decide.
  11. And that's the advice you should listen too. Everyone (like every bike) is different - find out what you like, and what you can live with.