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Harley's Milwaukee-Eight

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by itchin, Jul 28, 2016.

  1. Looks like Harley will have a new 8 valve engine to power it's touring range for 2017.
    rightside. leftside.

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  2. Looks like Harley will have a new 8 valve engine to under-power it's touring range for 2017.

    Fixed that for you ;-)
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  3. Errr, why is the reflection of the guy in the top picture all pixelated out... what was he really doing? ;)
  4. erm its not a bloke
    its the owners prefered ride
    an APRILIA
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  5. Failed attempt at photo shopping hair? :whistle:
  6. This site is so unfriendly to HDs. Can't you trolls leave the cruiser forum at least alone?

    Anyway, the reflection is blurred because this is an unofficial leak, so the person didn't want themselves identified.
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  7. They should Dump those pushrod dinosaurs and put V rod engines in all of the models
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  8. so he prefers to fix bikes, rather than ride them?
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  9. oh dear
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  11. People make fun of Ducatis, scooters, cruisers, adv tourers, BMWs, Suzuki riders, Honda riders, you name it.
    We're all here because we like bikes and riding, a bit of fun and poking fun at others and their bikes is just par for the course.

    I had a cruiser (not a HD though), maybe more people here would ride a HD if they weren't so expensive, the site is slanted towards beginners and learners, until recently there was no LAMs HD and the prices tend to make them out of reach for many riders on a budget. Maybe some of the fun poking is out of jealousy, or not ;-)
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  12. [QUOTE="pwbike, post: 3027620, member: 38152"

    I had a cruiser (not a HD though),

    your of my xmas list
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  13. You're, not your, so that's you off my Xmas list too ;-)
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  14. I'll have to admit... sometimes... I'm just a little teeny weeny bit cruiser-curious...
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  15. Not that there is anything wrong with that :whistle:
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  16. speak for your self
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  17. You're right......
  18. Throwing up???
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  19. Ahh, spotted it! I was thinking WTF? :LOL:
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  20. i find myself thinking this more and more