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Harley's and Ass don't mix

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by iMac, Sep 4, 2007.

  1. [​IMG]

  2. that was my fave scene in that movie as it brought back fond memories of unforgettable rides in my past. loved it.
  3. fond memories aye? please tell :p
  4. yeah very fond. like once was overtaking a small mazda that was refusing to pull back into left lane after overtaking a slower truck. Took it's time so i accelerated and overtook it on the left. As i was going past, i wanted to see what kind of idiot was driving in right lane, and i happened to see a couple going at it hammer and tongs on the back seat, and the car's going something like 90km/h. No seat belts, no undies. :p Slowed down and watched a bit, but didnt carry on like this guy in the movie did....got bored as they werent taking any more clothes off, and moved on.
  5. What? lol. So there were two people in the backseat and one of them was driving the car? Or was there someone else in front driving and the two were in the back?
  6. What movie was that from again?
  7. :shock: I could so see that happening...
  8. Forgot....but i shamefully admit watching it one time on television. Something about Cameron's character meeting some guy and falling in love with him, then trying to find him.
  9. The movie is "The Sweetest Thing"

    Yes one young lady was driving while the couple in back were in the throes of passion... had to see it believe it. No shame those guys, clear windows and everything! They were fully clothed but you could see their pants were down abit.... and i am on my bike at 90 km/h rubbernecking....amazing i didnt lose control like the guy in the movie...