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Harley XR1200

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by 99sydrd, Oct 14, 2008.

  1. What are your thoughts on this bike. Imo it could be the answer, daily trips to work, sunday cruising with twisties ability, does the lot.

    Salesman reakons its the best handling Harly ever, puts out 120hp with a few mods, handles better than any jap sports tourers, has high performance patented expansion brakes & trick showa suspension which apparently are the best in the world and was developed in conjuction with a GP racer.

    I'm taking one for a ride in a few weeks. I hope the salesman is right $17,500 ride away bargain if its as good as the salesman reakons.

    600 orders have been taken so it must have something going for it.

  2. Can you pull a mono on one?
  3. Can you ever! Check out the good ol' youtube for clips. One in particular, the guy does a good walkaround with commentary on specs and features then has a hoon through the Spanish countryside. Sweet mono, just rips it up, plonks it down then heads for the twisties.

    I would certainly be happy with one and at 90hp stock, 120hp modded wouldn't be too hard. No all I need is a spare 17.5k...

    Cheers - boingk
  4. SWOOSH!

    it's the sound of something flying over your head.
  5. Don't know about 120hp - how much ya gotta spend to get that :?

    Thought they were about 70hp standard - but am still a fan, and think they're a great looking bike :cool:
  6. yeah they often do :shock:
  7. I definately like it and if things with me work out on a professional level - will definetly look at one and one of these :grin:


  8. Should the OP know what you're talking about? I sure don't.
  9. they are a fine looking ride and cheap for a harley. check out the guys at blacktown as a few mates have just purchased there and got looked after in all respects
  10. 90 hp standard same as buell.

    Had a sit on one today at blacktown. Nice bike , chunky rear end and good upright seating position. The only turn off was the plastic tank and plastic front mud guard, other than that its all good. Apparently the price is going up next year.
  11. plastic ?.. at least it wont rust..
  12. Just took one of these for a test ride. I think I love it, love the look the way it handles and the sound, mind you it had a set of aftermarket Remus pipes with the baffles taken out.
  13. Don't agree with that.

    But, I saw R-K-O's xr1200 a few weeks ago, looks great and the termi exhaust system sounded really nice too. Whilst this would probably be true no matter what bike he was on, I had to concentrate to keep up.

    And when I had a closer look to the bike it looked like they'd put some serious thought into build quality and practicality.
  14. I actually thought the build quality wasn't that great compared to say something like the Beull at a similar price bracket. But I guess it's appealing to the old school dirt tracker fans who's bikes were fairly rugged.
  15. Here is a very interesting review of the XR1200 against the Monster 1100. Weird pair to be comparing. I would buy one as a tourer, but not as something that pretends to have sporty intentions. It's far too heavy for that!
  16. Yes i read that comparison the duke sounds like it wins hands down on most aspects.

    In terms of it being heavy I didn't really notice it that much as it's got enough torque to pull it's weight, the wide handle bars made it very easy to corner, I took it for a ride around a small stretch of twisties to see how it handled.

    It did feel big compared to my zx6.

    This replica looks pretty nice though http://hellforleathermagazine.com/2009/05/harley-xr1200-trophy-replica-s.html
  17. if a 1200cc bike can't pull 120HP, it's puss... end of story..

    any 600cc Jap supersports, with a full system and good tune can get very close to that.. so twice the capacity should easily make more power.. it'd be a slug I reckon as she is no lightweight
  18. Wow that trophy replica does look cool! I wonder if we will get that here...
  19. And you would have to bargain in a discount on a full exhaust system - the stock system in the OP is unbelievable!
  20. Too small for me when I sat on one.

    My work mate has one, he loves it, I think it needs a different exhaust on it though to sound decent.

    If I was to get a HD, it would be a night rod.