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Harley Vs Vstar

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by minnievirago, Dec 30, 2012.

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  1. Hi I am ready to upgrade (technically I still have few months on restrictions) and would like some advice on where I can find the most information to compare the Harley Davidson Sportster 883 or 1200 and the Yamaha VStart 650 (or even the Honda Shadow 750) I am torn between the head saying the Yamaha but the heart saying the HD. I am looking at essentially the costs of maintenence, parts, running costs, upgrades and insurance that kind of thing so would really appreciate any advice please. I am a cruiser girl through and through and I am here to really just get some advice on where I can research it all. I really dont want personal opinions unless you have some comparisons and facts please. Its my cry for assistance, not a slanging match about the HD. I want to make an informed choice. Any advice greatly appreciated.

  2. I think you've already answered your question.
    Go with your heart, I don't buy my bikes with my head.
    FWIW I ride a jap cruiser but I got it because there wasn't an HD equivalent and it's an event every time I ride it - my head had no say in the matter.
    There's also at least one fairly long thread that talks a lot about the sportster on here.[DOUBLEPOST=1356855314][/DOUBLEPOST]Here you go, this may help https://netrider.net.au/threads/iron-883.129532/
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  3. thanks for the thread update. I will read and watch it.
  4. Yup, motorcycling is a pure emotional thing.
    I've always bought with my heart. Used to have a V Star but found I rode it way too aggressively.
    Switched to the Z1000 & never been happier. :)

    Ride them all then decide what's feels best to you.
    Your heart may change!!
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  5. My main gripe would be the 9ltr tank on the 880. I know people buy Harleys to mod them but that's ridiculous.
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  6. test ride both,
    write us your review please
  7. Well, the Sportster is generally thought of as being a girl's bike.
    Of course, the "girls" who own them are usually members of Dykes On Bikes, so...
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  8. If you're upgrading after restrictions why not go for a full sized V Star like the 1300? In reviews these often seem to be mentioned as the best of the bunch. They are a good size physically and would be a nice relaxed ride with plenty of bottom end and midriange grunt.
  9. The small petrol tank on the Harley would be a drawback. They also have a high centre of gravity. I sat on a VStar 1100 the other day "just to see" and it was beautifully balanced and would be lighter than the Harley. Just my two cents worth. :). Definately go with your heart.
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    I strongly suspect that the HD would be the cheaper bike to maintain. If I was in your position (as I was 18months ago) my head prefer the Harley over the Yamaha.

    It sounds like the HD is the better bike for you in terms of what sort of bike you are looking for. It's harder to choose when you want the bigger sizes and prefer the HD but the price differential between big Japanese and Harley cruisers enters; or where you prefer a British or American marque but some Japanese cruiser offers distinctive features which you prefer, for example you prefer the character or aesthetics of the Japanese cruiser (I chose my Kawasaki W650 over a Bonneville because it has more character and is all-round better, despite me greatly preferring the Triumph marque); but is that the case here? No, you are speaking of bikes that are comparable in purchase price (though the HD will hold its value much better over time), size, and abilities. I reckon you can have your cake and eat it on this one.

    If I were you I'd buy a used XL1200 and keep it for good. On the matter of petrol tanks you can easily get a bigger tank fitted - it's not an issue.
  11. hd would be double the price,
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  12. Tanks for the Harley's are various sizes. The 883's come with a 12 or 17 litre tank, the 1200's can come with a 8 litre, but the other sizes as well. And without much work, they're all interchangeable. These bike are like meccano sets, everything can be swapped over. Bars, pipes, suspension, seats, controls, etc. After market support is second to none.

    Me I like the 48's. Small tank, harsh suspension, thin seat and poor clearance. Just fun to ride. Iron 883's are cool enough, and if you want more power 1200+ kits are available (apart from barrels, pistons and final drive ratio, they are the same engine).
  13. On price and reliability I would go the 750 Shadow, not the most exciting machine on the block but fairly inexpensive to mod and individualise, range on a tank is close to 280km, most servicing you can do yourself, you can pick up a good used ride for around $5000 and you can sit on the biatch all day without getting too uncomfortable.

    I would discount the 650 VStar as being a Learner bike and mostly overpriced due to its popularity.

    As for the 1200 sporty, a fun ride ruined by consistant stopping for fuel, I have a mate with one and he loves the bloody thing, and man they can be quick of the mark when you twist the wrist.

    I guess the bottom line should always be how much of a rider are you, have you put some serious klicks under your learner ride or just used it to go round the block to school/work?

    Get your arse on as many as you can and don't discount the Suzuki's
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  14. define quick[DOUBLEPOST=1356984617][/DOUBLEPOST]i'd go a bonnie twin over a sportster any day. any version.
    more fun and affordable aftermarket stuff you can do.
    plus you can actually make them go.
    plus you can make them sound like a real motorbike.
    major plus is the statement that you did'nt want a fcuking pos sportster.
  15. Quick? Accelerating to the speed limit in a safe and controlled manner, then having friends who have CBR1000RR's whinge that your tractor had finished reaching the speed limit before the end to the intersection.
  16. Look at the 2013 Suzuki C90T also
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  17. I know you said you are a 'cruiser girl' ... and you seem to have your mind semi'made up...... but
    this next buy is a biggy.......... go and try them all, Harleys, Yammie, Zuki,
    Triumph America & Sprintmaster, even go slightly 'outside the box' and try a Bonneville and Thruxton (you'd look cute on a Thruxton):sneaky:.........dont discount the Trumpies, they are a sweet machine.......

    Then buy what makes your loins tingle..............its your choice, and yours alone:)... enjoy
  18. Can't tell if stupid or troll. And that goes for some thing said on the other forum.

    Now Hayabusa's, s1000rr's, cbr600rr's. Now those are womens bike (and can think of women who ride each of them).
  19. two words >>> street cred :cool:

    get the Harley ... you will not be disappointed

    All bikes have foibles and quirks and all the dem things cost dollars to maintain ...
  20. Also depends on what you will mainly using the bike for and how often you are riding it. Get the specs of both bikes put side by side and compare. Some people prefer lighter bikes, some want more powerful, some want ones with better fuel consumption, some want bigger fuel tanks etc some want narrower bikes for filtering etc.
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