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Harley vs Triumph History

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by mon_4u2c, Aug 22, 2007.

  1. Hi all

    With the history of Harleys and Triumph's i know they are both bikes that are ontop of there range in regards to history but which are the better bikes?

    Was Harley the first bike to be produced or Triumph's?
  2. If I rode a Harley it would the best, if I rode a Triumph it would be the best :LOL:
  3. Triumph, being when the name was first associated with the company that made the motorcycles, was founded in 1886, with beginnings dated back to 1883.

    Harley Davidson was founded in 1903, with beginnings dated back to 1901.
  4. For me, Triumph produce the best Cruiser: Rocket 3

    And the best sports bike (which I own one) Daytona 675

    And the soon to be released naked 'fun' bike: Triumph Street triple (which I am highly considering buying one)

  5. I'm not entirely sure what the question is, but the modern Triumph can't really claim any history credits. The modern company has nothing to do with the one from the 50s. In fact Triumph from the 70s had little to do with the Triumph of the 50s.

    Hardley, I believe, have a continuous line, despite going broke in the late 70s - early 80s

    As to better bikes, well I'd say the modern Triumph, but it's horses for courses.
  6. I not really sure where you are coming from here Triumph have been pretty continuous, even while there was no factory production they had a bloke in the West Country building Bonneville's.
  7. Don't know about Triumph's history, although I'd love a Scrambler :cool:

    Ownership to AMF in 1969 and bought back by various executives in 1981.

  8. cheers...

    thanks guys

    i guess what i am trying to say is which bikes are better i am choosing between

    Triumph America


    Harley Sportster 883C

    but like you said i guess it all comes down to preference and both bikes have come along way... maybe comparing which of the two has better features is the way to go - does anyone know?
  9. What's the price differential? I take it you are looking new? Which model 883 (edit just saw the "c" :oops: )

    I'd go the Harley, they seem to have the best resale and I'd imagine many more customising options if you want to go that way.
  10. difference


    I think they are both similar in price brand new around $15,000

    the Harley i am looking at is the 883C/883L i am comparing the two at the moment
  11. You could get a couple year old Sporty and save a few thousand and already be optioned up, and sell for much less of a loss if you are looking to upgrade to something else. Sporties went rubber mount 2004 - so I'd look at no older that this.
  12. the Triumph of the 70s was a BSA, not a Triumph. That company went broke in the late 70's and the Triumphs made after that were made under some sort of license agreement. They were in no way a factory Triumph.

    the new Triumphs have no connection with any of the earlier bikes other than the name, which they purchased.
  13. Yeah I knew there was some hiccup in there somewhere, but couldn't quite remember.


    I'd probably take the Triumph America myself, but it'd be close. I'd have to ride them back to back.

    that hardley doesn't have the best resale. I've herd some horror stories. I don't know how the Triumph America fairs.

    Maybe find the money for a post 2004 1200 sportster. Much better bike and as mentioned, likely to include a few "standard" mods. their resale is stronger.
  14. So we now have a real question :LOL:

    Me I love the Speedmaster, it's cool and looks like a hot rod. This is pretty much the bike I want to get in a years time. I love hot rods and this bike echoes that look.

    I like the HD sportster but [vanity kicks in] I would feel like I was on the poverty pack all the time. :cool:
  15. Ooohhhh There is that Ugly "R" word
    Who gives a F#$k
    Do you want to buy the bike you want to ride or do you want to buy the bike you want to sell?

    Get a leg over on both and then buy the bike that gives you wood!
  16. By that reasoning there were no Triumphs built after 1951 cos thats when they were sold to BSA. BSA went broke in the early 70's, but Triumphs carried on being built by NVT and then the Cooperative at the Meriden factory until 83. When they went skint you could say the company stopped because Triumph Motorcycles Ltd was formed as a new PLC, as far as production goes Bloor who had the manufacturing and naming rights had them in production in Devon until the new machines were ready to be built in Hinkley.

    A bit messy, but it depends what you want to say, as many of the employees were carried over between changes in management I count it as continuous.

    Just a question does that mean that there have been no Holdens since 1931 because thats when GM bought them out.
  17. in short yes.

    But I was stirring things up a bit when I was saying that once BSA bought them they were no longer triumph.

    Despite that I thinks it's a long bow to claim they still existed after the collapse of the co-operative.

    It really was back yard stuff and the name wasn't owned by the people building them.
  18. I'll give you the geeza in the garage in Devon, but Bloor started the new company in 83 the same year as the co-operative collapsed so there is some connection. Interestingly the co-operative never owned the naming rights anyway until the last year or so when NVT went skint.

    Its involved and draws a number of very long bows, but compared to some car companies its quite straight forward.
  19. Re: difference

    go the 883C, i had one for about 2 years and it was an awesome bike. its got a bigger fueltank than the 883L, better handlebars and looks a bit beastier.
    I had the 05 model. when i sold it i didn't lose much money either. if i was you id go for an 06 model as they are fuel injected, (models before that were carby). Also most of the Harley's depreciation happens in the 1st 2 years, so get the 06 because you'll save about 1 to 2 grand for pretty much an identical bike.
  20. Buy the HD. Convert it to 1200cc. Cheap and easy. Fix the suspension and enjoy it. If you are going out to get a root on sat nite, a chugalug is the go.