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Harley ultra sport bike

Discussion in 'SuperSports' started by Triumph rider, Feb 11, 2015.

  1. image. image. image. It almost happened, a V-4 1600cc, 220hp sport bike! Scrapped in 2009 because it was to Un-Harley. I would have sold my turbo ZX14 to own one!

  2. My wife worked for the local HD dealer (until he closed the doors). He would hassle me (in jest) about getting a Harley. I used to tell him "When Harley make a 4 cylinder sports bike I'll consider it"
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  3. there was a rumour going around a few years ago that HD were going to be entering a Moto GP challenger - must have been around the time of this idea.
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  4. You gunna start a third thread on this topic if you don't get more bites?
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  5. image. image.
    I've owned two Harley's and three Indians, now I own two ZX14s one turbocharged. Where would a third thread go? I want to own a Harley again, but don't have much use for another time machine.
  6. Is there an event now for motorcycles that can tow plough shares?????:):):)