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Featured Harley to make LAMS bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Vertical C, Aug 31, 2013.

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  1. I thought all Harleys were lams bikes.. :bolt:
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  2. So now not only can they not corner well they can't accelerate well either?


    Seriously, good on them, it'll get more people into riding and current assumption has that being a good thing AFAIK.
  3. A 500cc Harley motor ?? Ha ha , will be lucky if it has 10kws of ohv pushrod grunt..
  4. It will be interesting to see what price point this HD LAMS bike will be.

    I'm thinking >$20K?
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  5. Good luck to them, I reckon they will sell a few. Price might be the problem though, Most Lams buyers are mindful of the fact they are not buying a long term asset generally.
  6. I read about something like this back in january this year, but it was a v-twin, and it wasn't a bobber.
    It looked more like an XR, it was supposed fill the hole left by the 500cc Buell Blast.
    Anyway here is what I read.

    Although the MoCo has denied any plans for mid-displacement low-cost, rumors increasingly are persistent reports of the imminent arrival of a single-cylinder 500 cm3 in the Harley-Davidson. This bike has two strategic interests: allow the brand to better penetrate the Indian market and fill the void left by the Buell Blast with beginners in North America.

    and this

    For several years now there have been rumours about a lower capacity Harley, a single cylinder motorcycle mainly aimed at beginners and meant for mass market sale in the Asian countries. The 500c Harley is said to be based on the existing Sportster and would have a single cylinder version of the same engine.
    These speculation got more backing after an Harley Davidson official, un-officially mentioned its plans to set up a manufacturing plant in India. This would not only enable them to bring down the prices of existing models which correctly come in via the CKD (completely knocked-down) route and get assembled here but also go ahead and make mass market entry level models. The folks at Harley Davidson are in-fact already scouting locations for the plant, top officials at Harley Davidson had the following to say “These initiatives are at a very early stage. The new plant has been planned as the Indian market has shown explosive growth in superbikes in the past few years, albeit on a comparatively smaller base.”

    but it *WASN'T*a v-twin
  7. Thats also not a bobber as described in the article.

    A 500cc twin shold be plenty to power a stripped back bobber.
  8. But you have to live in the ACT
  9. I can only think that something must have died in the corporate memory of H-D.
    The purchase of Aermacchi to produce a line of small H-D branded bikes did not end well. Hands up all those who have actually ridden a H-D 350 Sprint.
    Ironically the wreckage of that association eventually formed the nucleus of Cagiva, who did make a decent go of it.
    I'd never heard of the Buell Blast until now but that didn't seem a well managed project either.
  10. Aermacci was 30 years ago, HD gets critcised when they do try something new, and when they dont as well.
  11. Apart from the cc's I thought most would be lams complaint.
  12. yeah I said that, also said "I read something like this"
    I don't think the buell blast was released here, and I would be surprised if any of these bikes are released here.

    that chart is in kilowatts
  13. This bike is aimed at India most of all; HD really want to push into that market. It very well might be built in India as well, which would help to keep the price lower, but who would like to buy an Indian-built Harley?
    Then again, people seem pretty excited about Indian-made KTM (390), so who knows...
    One thing is for sure: whether this bike does well in Australia or not means jack to HD. They have bigger fish to fry.
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  14. Yep, and a few of the 1340's are 32.9kw = under 45hp
  15. OK, maybe I've missed it, but I can't see where it states what the engine configuration is. It could be either a single or a tripple (in fact the article mentions the blast as if to indicate it might also be a single) and it could be OHC for all we know.

    Besides at smaller cc the different valve configuration makes little differnce. There's been lots of sweet OHV bikes over the years in smaller capacity. Moto Morini 3 1/2 comes to mind.
  16. I have to wonder if producing a H-D that makes the brand more accessible go a greater number of people might not have the long term effect H-D are looking for. How many people purchase the brand because of the image that H-D have built over a half a century as being the big tough bad arse brand. One has to wonder what a whole bunch of L plater cashed up tosspot teenagers will do for the brand image. I suspect as the try hard, Sons of Anarchy inspired brain dead learners begin to realize that a printed skull face mask, badged leather vest, and prick attitude mean nothing to the average suburban stressed out soccer mum with a car full off bred Bogan offspring in a SUV. Bad arse doesn't stop you from being a dent in the stone guard. I suspect that with in 12 months of release the H-D "city scooter" will be amongst the most expensive bikes to insure as the try hards become regulars in the road statistics.

    I'm sure H-D marketing have looked at it beyond sales, but my suspicion is that by making the brand more accessible, they will devalue the exclusivity of the brand
  17. O'yeah, so they are... I rode a friends 1993/4 1340 FXR once, felt like more power, it got up to 190 no problem, plenty fast enough for a lump.