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Harley Test Ride (Vid)

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by Dazza, Feb 11, 2005.

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  2. Dazza.....oh poor boy!! You obviuosly never ridden a Harley.
    Just a word of advise: Don't be fooled by the non Harley.
    Just look at how many Harley "look alike" there are and the Indians?....well history speak for itself!
  3. mmmmm WHO GIVES A SHIT if I have or have not ridden a Rock Ape Knuckle Shuffling Cruiser Fag Shit Box. :shock:

    I have simply posted up a link. YOU want to have a whinge and a cry coz the author/maker of the Vid hung shit on a Rock Ape Knuckle Shuffling Cruiser Fag Shit Box, then go email him ya disatisfaction, dont dish me out coz I thought it was a funny Vid...........get a life. You HD riders are so F@CKING INSECURE. Why don't you HD riders all hold hands around the camp fire singing Koombya my Lord. ppfftt. Oh and by the way, who gives a rats tossbag how many there are or look alikes there are. The jap cruisers are still shit looking bikes as well and so is that faggy Oil Leaking piece of crap that Triumph makes. Oh and DONT FORGET if it was not for the HONDA corporation pulling HD out of the shit by helping to design the Evolution motor and giving the company some f*cking reliability HD would have gone belly up. All HD bikes prior to that motor AKA Knuckle/Pan etc ALL broke down religously. Why coz the dumb arse Yanks can't design shit.

    Oh by the way. My mate has a custom Fatboy. I have taken it for a good long spin a few years back. I did not like the bike at all. Sounded OK and that was about all. Could not corner for shit. Had a VERY slow counter steering capability and did not get up and go like my 1100 did. Seat was comfy. Did not like the ride position at all. It was like I was sitting in a car. Whats the point of that. I can see why people with stuffed backs ride em. Some people like em some dont. I suppose thats why there are so many choices of bikes. Me I am a sports bike fan, my missus loves HD, yep she has got SHIT FOR BRAINS TOO :wink:

    Cheers 8)
  4. Great work Dazza :D

    Funny as hell as per usual :p