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Harley Sporster, Service Intervals?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by bernieL0max, Jan 9, 2012.

  1. Hi guys,

    Recently brought myself a 2006 Harley Spotster 1200 Custom, bif change from the sports tourers I've been used to in the past. Good to be back on 2 wheels after a couple of years without a bike!

    It had about 8300km when i got it, now it is just about to click over 9k. Can anyone tell me what the service intervals are on these? According to the previous owner it had just had a service at 8k.

    Is there much I need to keep an eye on between services? e.g. how often should I be checking the oil?, do I need to do anything at all to check/maintain the belt?

    Thanks in advance


  2. not much to em mate

    yes 8000 ks service intervals check the oil once a month spray the belt with amourall after yah wash it it will squeak a little bit

    um its 10000 ks so far on my belt and i have touched it twice to see if the belt tension has changed no it hasent

    did you get the owners hand book with it ??? by the way lash out on the worlds best workshop manual bar none it beats the yellow pages hands down valve for money wise yeah watch some whacker say cause you will need it ha ha

    Good luck with it mate i bought a 2010 iron 883 i love mine and have the bits to convert mine to 1200 latter on. Funny i dont think i will ever sell mine
  3. It came with a big blue owners manual... I'm an IT guy, so reading the manual is the last resort for me :p lol

    Just flicked through and on page 62 there is a table for owner's maintance records and despite being told that it'd had the 8000k service the manual does not show a record for it, so with it now being at 9,500 I might pop it in somewhere for a service anyway.

    Thanks for the response Brucey :)
  4. did you ask the guy you bought it from about the 8l service? shold have receipts for it [if it were done] also maybe chase up who did the service [again if it were done] if its a good workshop might be you 'peace of mind' to have the bike serviced by them.