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Harley Riders

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by DUK35, Mar 5, 2007.

  1. Hey guys - just out of curiousity.... what's the deal with Harley riders? I've noticed as I read through the forums that there's abit of Harley Hatin' going around lol

    or is it that when you say 'Harley Rider' you actually mean a 'bikie with patches' ???

    Cos I like my cruisers and ultimately I'd like to upgrade to a Harley in the near future. and believe me - those who know me will say that I got NOTHING in common with bikies - I don't even look the part haha.

    So I was just wondering - cos I'd like to ride my Harley with enjoyment and nods from other bikers and not be judged for what I ride - just because I happen to like Ball rumbling Vtwins hehe

  2. Then buy a Ducati and leave the agricultural machinery to the farmers.... :wink:
  3. There are plenty of better built, handling, stopping, turning, accelerating, looking and exsisting cruisers out there.

    If you want a harley just cause its a harley you fall into a bad catagory.

    And i hate you, and the bands you like.
  4. lol - gotta love the banter you get here.

    well you know what - I want a Harley just because it's a Harley so there I sed it!

    plus I can sell it later when I want a better Harley and know that I won't lose much cos they hold their value.

    but yes - I want a harley cos I like them, Always liked them and it like american engines and they sound nice and just because it's got Harley Davidson written on it and because it's got the new Revo engines in em and they are 100 years old and they have a rich history in the war times.

    The same reasons I'm buying a harley are the same reasons why you bought your Yamaha, Kwaka, Honda etc. - most of the part is for the brand name and model.

    I love Harleys so sue me!!! LOL
  5. Ditto and Ditto. But DUK35 if you actually fork out too much money for what you get (ie buy one) AND you nod/ wave I'm sure it'll be reciprocated albeit with a curious look from under the others helmet :LOL:
  6. Another Harley thread :popcorn:
  7. All harley riders are wankers :p

    Nah mate just buy the bike ya want, stuff what people think. Oooh don't buy a cruiser cause ya can't get the knee down around the corner or don't buy a ducati unless you like lattes or dont etc etc.
  8. yeah well my next love right after Harleys is the SuperDuke 990cc.

    But I can't justify myself spending that much when I can get a nice cruiser. like a HARLEY DAVIDSON! lol

    I love the twisties and speed and I own a half CBR250RR with another friend of mine so I like my sport rides but at the end of the day I like motorcycling due to the 'cruise' factor. Just to hop on the saddle and cruise and forget about everything that's bugging me and just focus on what's straight ahead of me. plus there's nothing like cruising with another crusing friend and just ride and enjoy the scenary and the comfortable ride sticking confortably to the speed limits or even slower when there's no cars around...

    I'm a cruiser Lover not a street fighter :p
  9. You tend to reap what you sew in this life, so if you don't recognise your fellow riders they will tend to disrespect you back, but if you wave occasionally, you will be rewarded, too. The only people who wont wave at you are 1%ers who consider themselves well 'ard, and regard other riders (particularly other non-1%er Harley riders) as beneath contempt, only good for selling speed to.

    Just don't buy a soft-tail Harley, they are genuinely bad handling even by old school cruiser standards, but a Dyna (ie: twin shock) model handle reasonably well for what they are. A brake upgrade wouldn't hurt, however. I would consider one myself, when I decide I've had enough of the sportsbike thing. :)
  10. Having owned a Harley, let me save you some money...just go straight for the Super Duke - you got plenty of time to enjoy a Harley, they aint gonna change much :p

    If you're serious - what model Harley are you after?
  11. Hi may name is Matti and I like Harleys.

    Someone once wrote that he didn't like Harley owners but had nothing against Harley riders, the point being if you are a rider then you are welcome I suppose. :?
  12. That's the best argument I've ever heard for buying a Harley. I guess being a Harley owner is a bit like being Belgian....someones gotta be or there wouldn't be any.
  13. yes! I can feel the love now hehe

    it's true man - I don't care if I'll be pushing a friggin Chopper around - I'd still give my salutes and nods to my sportbikers, push bikers and scooters on the road.

    We all family here! hahaha

    I was actually looking to get the Sportster... considering my budget. but the Dyna looks nice aswell.

    (I mean essentially I'd LOVE the VRod...... that's one hot cruiser with some fun packed power..... but alas.... I must focus on making the dollars to beable to spend the cents lol)
  14. YOU CAN GET YOUR KNEE DOWN ON A HARLEY! give me one and i'll show ya!

    I've got nothing against cruisers, just paying $10,000+ over the price of another cruiser that goes better with better fuel eco is well in my opinion a waste but if your after the image which all harley riders are then go ahead get it, just don't act like a fcuk on it as a few "poser bikies" do.

    Which one do you have in mind?
  15. go the superduke!

    I'm biased... but you can pick them up fair cheap cheap now that they are a few years old and the new model is on the block :grin:
  16. 1200 Roadster, I really enjoyed a good test ride on one. Handled and stopped well plus the rubber mounted engines of the post 04 models will see many happy miles travelled.

    Owned a Dyna Wide Glide. Changed front forks to improve handling and some engine mods, but still big and heavy with poor brakes despite upgrading fronts to six pot :shock:

  17. now that's a good reason for me to change my mind - very good point.
    Ideally my upgrade is between the Harley Sportster and the SuperDuke 990cc

    No - I'm not after the image of the "Badass Harley Rider". I just like to cruise. and for somehow Harley's and the word cruising just go together really well. and all the aftermarket stuff you can get for it are pretty appealing..... if I had the money for em......

    I mean - I could go the V-star, but why would I want a V-star when I can go Harley? the prices are more or less competitve enough..

    at the end of the day... I'd hate to say but there are people out there pushing R1's and Duc's that ride for the image aswell and go around acting like they are badass streetfighters.

    - if I was to buy the SuperDuke it'll be majority of it because of the name aswell - cos my real name is Duke if you haven't realised form my username :p - plus they look like a lot of fun to ride - and it's got my name on it hehehe - call me superficial but look - it's my hobby and it's great to have that freefom of choosing what I wanna buy without having to be judged.

    so really - my upgrade is between the Harley Sportster and the SuperDuke 990cc
  18. that's NICE bike Toecutter!!!

    that's exactly what I wanna be doing aswell - travel on it and just cruise down the highway :)
  19. yeah, but what would you know? you are just an ASS!!!
  20. of but joel its all true, should have seen the harley riders at joe's last weekend, they had to park next door so they werent seen to be at a yamaha shop :LOL: alot of harley riders will tell you that the jap varients are a much better built bike, they handle better they brake better they go further on a tank of fuel etc etc

    harley owners are in a world of their own no offence to any in here its just the ones i have met other then my cousin and his old neighbour they are all pratts, who figure that if you dont ride a harley your not worth knowing, even people that have been friends with my parents since the late 70's no longer associate with my folks coz my parents ride a kwaka nomad 1500, and the so called friends wont pull the bikes out any longer unless its for a dedicated harley ride

    why don't harley ridiers wave?

    because you can't push a wheel barrow with one hand

    also how on earth do you figure the prices on harleys are comparitive to that of the jap cruisers? my old mans nomad cost him $19,990 on road to buy the equivalent of a harley your looking at a road boss for a nice $31,000 minimum

    oh and by the way the jap cruisers arent jap they are american built for the american market, just happens to be a japenese manufacturer