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Harley Riders on South Park

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by daiakuji, Nov 6, 2009.

  1. So the latest episode of South Park featured the kids up against Harley riders and the whole town calling them the F-word because they're loud, inconsiderate and obnoxious :-({|=

    Anyone watched the episode and have any feelings against the episode? Or just found it mildly entertaining seeing tough drawn men going "BROOOM BROOM BROOM BROOOOOOOOOM"? :p

  2. Bah!

    Stuff that, just stream it! :p

    The only show i like to download is the ultimate fighter... which reminds me, episode 8 should be up!
  3. Frickin' hilarious!

    Wonder if any Harley riders in the states are going to get some 'kids say the darndest things' stories after this.
  4. I guess south park wasnt worried about pissing off muslims, so they went for a target thats a little closer on the home front :LOL:
  5. Funny and educational

    I had no idea that the word faggot evolves
  6. I just finished watching it ... hilarious stuff :LOL:

    Would be great to get the reaction from any Netrider hog riders :)