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Harley owner punches injured bike thief

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bonk, Aug 10, 2009.

  1. http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2009/08/10/2651138.htm

    Absolutely disgusting!

    ... only punched him once?!
    I'm outraged.

  2. they should be looking for him to give him a high-five and a blowwie for doing their job
  3. Self defence I'd argue....

    "Your honor, he looked like he was going to attack me with a Garden stake so I defended myself."

  4. So this fool stole a bike from a big tattooed biker (hey it was a Harley) crashed it got beaten up by biker then told the cops he got beaten up by the guy he stole the bike off.

    He’s lucky to have lived this long without forgetting to breath.
  5. That's Karma :eek:
  6. This is when the law needs to turn a blind eye.
  7. Greenwell point and nowra yesterday, that would have been the ride for mental illness, ride was in event calendar, so possibly a insanity plea could work too :LOL:
  8. why didn't the Bikie ram the stake back in repeatedly?
    I reckon the thief got off lightly.
  9. Yeah I chuckled at that story. You gotta admire the bike owner's conviction to smack him in the face even when he's impaled on a fence :LOL: ... and he took the thief's wallet too :rofl:
  10. im thinking the thief in question was probably wearing a helmet?
    and when hes arm was impaled he wouldnt have taken it off im guessing
    so the harley owner took the guys helmet off then punched him.
    even better
    got what he deserved
  11. Just occasionally justice is done...
  12. it wouldnt be too hard to find a stolen harley in greenwell point. how many people live there?
  13. There's something just quietly brilliant about this. :grin:
  14. I dunno, seems kinda redundant. If you're impaled on a garden stake, a belt in the face is more like insult-to-injury than real punishment.

    {Miracle MAx}And then maybe you'd like to give me a nice paper cut and put lemon juice on it?{/Miracle Max}
  15. After punching him and breaking his nose, I would have set fire to the garden stake :)
  16. Absolutely disgusting.
    Fancy punching a mentaly retarded person.
    Only someone who is mentaly challenged would want to steal a harley.
  17. So trying to steal something off the thief, he goes for the stake? lol.
  18. are we sure the garden stake was part of the 'accident'? Just a thought :wink:
  19. :LOL: can you imagine the guy telling his story to the police. Im sure he was wacked out on pain killers........... but he got what he deserved.