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Featured Harley more reliable than Triumph

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Vertical C, Apr 7, 2015.

  1. Oh dear....

    Not surprised Yamaha on top


    Reliablity by brand
    Brand Percent failed
    Yamaha/Star 11%
    Suzuki 12
    Honda 12
    Kawasaki 15
    Victory 17
    Harley-Davidson 26
    Triumph 29
    Ducati 33
    BMW 40
    Can-Am 42
    With a larger sample size than in our previous motorcycle survey, now counting 12,300 motorcycles, we were able to add more brands and resolution this year.

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  2. Still too small a sample to be of any real use IMHO.
  3. Tells me that when cheap bikes fail, owners just fix em and don't biatch about it, but when expensive bikes fail, people whine to on-line yahoo surveys... the exception is Can-Am, which are obviously just shite!!
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    Triumph are cheaper than Harley.

    Suzuki is cheaper than Yamaha

    12000 is not a big enough sample size for you? How many would be?
  5. Harleys undoubtedly do less mileage than Triumphs, the survey does not take this into account..
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  6. http://www.bikernet.com/pages/First_MillionMile_HarleyDavidson.aspx

    the wear and tear of a million miles.

    The bike has original fenders, gas tank, oil tank, triple tree, handlebars, primary and tranny case (the main shaft is original but the gears have all been replaced).

    There is no kill switch on the bike (ok, for the newbie bikers, that’s the on/off switch)
    No kickstand (he had to lean the bike on curbs, against trees, etc)
    No neutral or oil lights, tachometer doesn’t work, no horn and the odometer worked but the speedometer arm was broken

    the motor rebuilt 10 times

    17 stators,

    9 seats and Zien has worn out 13 pairs of engineer boots while riding
  7. Sounds like grandpa's axe.
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  8. Only six new handles and three new heads and its still a good axe.
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    Umm the point was that the fact is that Harleys are ridden. Whoosh straight past you guys.

    Why are triumph so unreliable? That's the question. Especially compared to the Japanese which have similar features and riders?

    Didn't you notice Suzuki is second place, twice as reliable as Harley.
  10. I'm not in this to argue about Harley VS triumph. I simply posted a Vee with almost 400,000 miles and it's maintanence history compared to the million mile Harley.

    Anyone who racks up big miles on a bike is doing it right.
  11. Must be another useless, out of context statistics.

    Everyone can see whatever they choose to in those numbers.
  12. I can see a butterfly....

  13. I cant see a cheap brand listed, so your post is flawed at best. Are you seriously saying that the Japanese make cheaper bikes than Triumph? The way I see it, most manufacturers make bikes to suit a broad range of price points.
    None of these listed brands make only cheap bikes, so your conclusion is bullshit.
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  14. Simmer down, chief. It was obviously a tongue-in-cheek post, highlighting the fact that brands such as Daelim etc haven't taken out the top gong, or even made the list.
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  15. Wonder why Hyosung isn't in the list. Surely their survey pool would be large enough and their failure rate would definitely be high enough to be included.

    But I will never chose a Harley over a Triumph.
    Hell.... I'll never chose a Harley fullstop!
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    Perhaps I should have posted this with it....


    And where is CFMOTO? :hilarious:
  17. Enough said :D