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Harley Davidson VS Victory

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Fa1c0n, Sep 9, 2011.

  1. Pretty sure that it was just the douche to who said it...

    But apparently a Victory compared to a harley
    is like
    a Hyosung compared to a honda

    Is this true?

    What is the general though of you guys?
    Also, What do you think the opinion of harley riders would be of a victory?
    Whats the reputation of Victorys?
  2. I've seen Victories, and personally I think that's just crap. I think the objective of Victory is to build an American cruiser motorcycle with good build quality, striking looks and nice sound with modern technology. I think they have achieved this well.
    The other way around I reckon would be slightly more true.
  3. IIRC our very own Loz road tested a Victory and was impressed. Search might turn something up.
  4. i Did have a seach, found a few things.

    Any consensice of the street cred of them?

    I mean i really like the looks and stuff. But i dont want to be seen as a "wanna be" harley rider.
  5. I wouldn't give a damn about street cred if it floats your boat and can be backed up with some aftermarket service thats all that counts.

    Personally I can't give any cred to anyone that rides any particular brand of bike much less a HD (if thats not a contradictory statement). Buying a bike is such a personal experience who am I to force my values on to someone else and as rider why is my enjoyment defined by the view of those I don't know.
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    The victory shits all over the Harley in terms of build quality, rideability, power and value for money . Victory sales in the US are starting to catch Harley as people want a more reliable American made bike. I've ridden numerous models now from both brands and the Harleys are not even close.
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    Street cred? Well the fact that certain OMCs are now buying them should say something.
  8. I made enq a while about the Victory bikes, tell you what, see what people are selling for on the second hand market, might find not too many for sale and asking prices very close to new prices, and quality is supposed to very very good!! numers are increasing on our roads and if I had the cash, I'd buy Victory over a Harley and I ave never owned either! nearest was Yamaha cruiser
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  10. Think the whole thing becomes more than one brand vs another or even one being more reliable than another..

    Most who buy Harleys do so for other reasons and being practical or performance orientated has nothing to do with it....
    Riding and what you ride as all about the person within and there's no right or wrong but more like having a taylor sew up your perfect bike....
  11. Thanks guys.

    I do like the victorys.

    @robbie55 -
    I wish more people were like you, unfortunatly they are not. And they do judge you on what you ride.
  12. The point is dude, why would you care?
  13. I know people say this, but unfortunatly i do care.
  14. Well you need to stand up for yourself !! If others dont like what you ride, tough sh$t for them!! Man if you live your life to please others, Fark that, gimme all your money!! How would you like to do that??
    Your life, you live it for you..
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    Then you seriously need to build some self confidence. I can help you with that ;)
  16. Its not just restricted to bikes in fact there is an article in the SMH today about people making assumptions on the car you drive.

    I think at least the OP is being honest about how he is going about his decision process in buying a bike and this can have a substantial impact about how much he will be happy with his final purchase.

    I don't think there is any among us that can say that the visual impact of their bike has not had an impact on their purchase. I know it did for me, for as much as the standard line to anyone looking at a bike is "try them all and see what's best for you" we will often make a shortlist without even seeing many of the bikes in the flesh and base our "research" purely on how they look.

    But I think sadly this goes one step further in that others view of the brand is having a direct impact on the decision. All I can say is this - when those people passing comment on your bike are prepared to contribute financially to your purchase then by all means take their comments on board - till then tell them to keep their opinions to themself and just buy whatever you like.
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  17. The matt black 2011 street bob HD I ride is nothing more than a "get ****ed you fukkin arsehole bureaucrat ****s " aimed at the establishment and goodie goodie citizen stazi

    Its shit brakes and handleing but loud and obnoxious due to straight through pipes and bigger cams and a chip modification

    as I said nothing more than a in your face fukkers type of bike

    The R1 is for real riding

    and Im not interested in being part of a HOG chapter or bikie gang or whatever nor am I trying to be a bad ass ( I wear sports bike gear and a full face when riding the Harley )
  18. (y) well said, Robbie!
  19. Well, its your hard earned money, your bike so let them think whatever they think.

    We cant live our lives on others people's whims & desires.
  20. I've had a look at a few up close and I'd honestly call the Victories 'Hondas' to Harley's 'Hysosungs'. They seem substantially more well put together.

    Given the choice, I'd probably opt for a Vic over an HD.