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Harley Davidson VS Jap bikes

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Fa1c0n, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. Ok


    What (if any) model of harley do you think/know would be able to beat (accesleration wize) a stock 600ish CC, instant hero, jap bike?
    EG: CBR600, Ninjas, R1's and the like....


  2. Of all Harleys this would probably have the best chance:
  3. To 100? Possibly the 800 though I doubt it, probably the 1200 and almost definitely for 1500+
    To 60? same answer though might include the 800.

    To the quarter? The jap would eat them
  4. I love you JD
  5. ... awsome.

    How about the Sportster Nightster XL1200N?
  6. 13.8s 1/4 mile vs 10.9s for a CBR600.
    May as well just buy the Topper.
  7. My 125 would beat the nightster down the 1/4 lol
  8. whats a harley ?
  9. John Deere Tractors make them,
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  10. As a ZX14R owner / rider, I'm not about to rush out and buy a hardley, but at the same time, I think the world is a richer and better place while they're around. This is a company that has been CONTINUOUSLY in business, churning out motorcycles for over a century. They have never died and been resurrected from the ashes. They build a quality product. It isn't my scene, but hardlies are tough and well made - I know, I've seen the proof. They are a strong motorcycle. I wouldn't buy one, but I'm glad they exist. I don't begrudge them their success.
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  11. If you even have to ask the question then you're missing the point of owning a Harley (or most other cruisers for that matter).

    Take the V-Rod for example which is quick(ish)... it's also just about the worst selling Harley model.

    That's because it's mostly bought by people who don't grok cruisers.
  12. That is still nothing to laugh at man, the V-Rod weighs around 270kg AFAIK. I reckon on the road, just factoring in a bunch of stuff in my head (the kind of rider you'd expect to find on each, the ease with which you could launch etc), you could have an embarrassed 600 rider.
  13. Answer-nothing you could ride .
  14. Depending on the distance... XR750?
  15. none of them.
    i've flogged a 1200 sporty on a 2fiddy
  16. It's the comments on that page I was laughing at. To me it reads something along the lines of - I got beaten by a 600 but I wasn't really trying anway, plus their bike is stupid and mine is awesome even though I want to spend large amounts of money making it better...