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Harley Davidson Super Low 883

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by jaguarfanster, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. I've been a sport bike person and thought harleys were pointless. Then I saw the Super Low 883. Damn its the most gorgeous motorcycle I've seen in AGES. I've got it as my wallpaper. I can't do any work. I just end up staring at my desktop. Bad idea.


  2. Re: I'm in love

    You were right the first time lol. Dont let its curves or shiny bits get you. Fight it!
    And what are you doing at work at this time of the day! I thought it was only me at work :p.
  3. Re: I'm in love

    Meh, still 'just' a Harley!!!!
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  4. Re: I'm in love

    Sportsters, they cop it from the boring power rangers, from the littledick bigHarley riders, and yet they just keep on keeping on. For a reason. I really need one too, at some point.

    Once bitten....
  5. Re: I'm in love

    Honestly, Harleys don't really do anything for me. They don't offer anything to me that I can't get elsewhere
  6. Re: I'm in love

    Ahh she beckons like a siren. Work at 2am, one of the many perils of Uni. Why do I do this shit.

    The sheer Harley hate has always had me confused. They accelerate, handle, brake poorly but they do have the aesthetics. Zyzz would 'mirin', so to speak. It's weird how other motorcycle nostalgia companies don't cop as much grief. Say for instance Indian made Royal Enfields. I've was hooked on the classic chrome version for a while. However the pricing isn't quite appealing.

    Sportsters are probably the only Harley's I'd consider. They seem the most practical. Yes, I realise the irony in that statement. A trade-off between a Japanese sports bike and looks/character.

    Wow I just did a Commbank online vehicle loan quote. She doesn't seem too out of reach.
  7. Re: I'm in love

    You got it in one again mate, they are crap its all about the image!

    Ok sure they are getting better... but until they get over trying to be the musclecar of the bike world they are always going to be for the pose.

    I did feel a sense of... huge penis-ism when i got to ride a Harley a few months ago on a highway. Then i turned off the highway and found some corners and the huge penis went away. Maybe if i was wearing chaps...
  8. My dad owned a soft tail back in the day. Ever since then I've always liked Harleys. Don't get me wrong, I'm a sportsbike person. But I can still appreciate a good looking Harley
  9. Re: I'm in love

    As long as they're assless. Show the world who's boss!

    Ahh, and sorry Mouth. It was like 2am. Apologies for the wrong section, unclear title, and large jpeg. I was smitten.

    The Australian pricing is freaking unfair. $14,000 here whilst it's only about $7000 in the U.S. Double ffs.
  10. always going to be for the pose.

    from the littledick bigHarley riders,

    did feel a sense of... huge penis-ism when i got to ride a Harley a few months ago on a highway. Then i turned off the highway and found some corners and the huge penis went away.
    guys when you grow up you realise life is not a race , and maybe you will end up on a harley or cruiser , then you will realise its nice to just cruise and enjoy the ride.
    and "pose " thats just a plain stupid comment.
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  11. possibly the girliest bike i have ever seen
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  12. Ever noticed that many riders are too dumb to respect things outside of their preferences.

    Outside the boy racer forums there's a shitload of motorcyclists who don't give damn about sports bikes, for whom plastic-fantastic leaves them utterly cold. Give me a bike with character. One that feels great just to be in motion on, to cruise along exploring new places. Make it out of metal.

    And when it comes to servicing, give me a Sportster any day, any month, in preference to the latest alphabet soup whizz-bangery that needs a day's dismantling just to get to the shims, and which will leave you stranded at Cobar with an "error 404 page not found".
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  13. Meh I'm comfortable with my sexuality :p Tassels? Come at me bra.

    It's just close mindedness. For my off LAMs bike I was initially considering only ricers. Then I thought a little harder. What's the point? Hitting 100 kmph in 1st gear then having to upshift to avoid exceeding the speed limit? Doesn't seem fun on day to day basis. Factoring in unsavory riding positions led me to reconsider.

    I admire sport bikes, but these Sportsters have a visceral effect. Although I doubt I'd go anything bigger; Dyna, Soft-tail etc. I feel they're a bit 'over-cooked'. They're too big and brash for my liking. The Sportsters seem to have reached a favorable balance between show-boating and practicality. Plus their non-cruiser controls sweeten the deal. I feel that I'm not completely jumping ship from sports bike to cruiser.

    Finally I want a motorcycle that will give me the opportunity to tour Australia. With a pillion. I believe this comes closest.

    Off topic. Is it just me or are motorcycles designed to look photogenic from the right hand side?
  14. Sportster come with forward controls as well
    Fatboy low heaps more expensive but way better i think
  15. Ever noticed that many riders are too dumb to respect things outside of their preferences.

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  16. Matt
    Double nod
  17. +1.

    This really bothers me about the Victorys, which I otherwise really like. They look absolutely crap from the left hand side with that ugly swingarm. Easy-fixed, I guess, but just really strange considering the rest of the styling is spot on - yes, I even like the Victory headlamp.
  18. This is a classic example of individual tastes. To me the OP motorcycle looks like every other harley, on the other hand the 48er stands out like dogs balls everytime i see one in the flesh. Yet others disagree.
  19. imho it looks like Honda shadow 750S; or 750S looks like that Harley
  20. ^^ The latter. There were no Honda Shadows in 1957.