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Harley-Davidson Says : Live by it.

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by jdkarmch, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. #1 jdkarmch, Aug 8, 2008
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    We often ask - "What do we really want?"

    H-D produced this movie recently - while this relates to the H-D Brand, it does to some extent say something about all riders - no matter what machine we really ride.

    Watch and enjoy...

    U2olCKnTVPI[/media]] Great Rider Movie
  2. :LOL:
    Yeah stick it to the man. Just make sure you believe the advertising from this American corporation

    "We're all individuals"

    "we don't care what anyone else thinks" That's why we heavily modify the appearance of our bikes and cruise around so everybody can see them.
  3. "We believe in flames and skulls"


  4. HD Advertising

    Hi JD. Thanks for the post. Will check it out. The HD / Cruiser culture is huge in the US of A. HDs are a well made machine for what they are designed for. Have had many long days pumping along in the middle of know where and knew without a doubt I was going to get there. At the moment its the 999 but if cha ching and room permitted I would buy another HD net phone call. How many sports bikes to you see out west of the mountains gobbling up the kms to get back home in the middle of the night. B
  5. What a load of cock...

    Could help it. Sad Brian quote coming up...
    I'm not...
  6. As much as i hate HD's I liked this add, it will appear to the rock apes. Add looks well targeted to there market audience.

    Cheers :cool:
  7. I'm told all the sports bike manufacturers are getting together to make a similar ad to show off what their bikes/riders are made of. Unfortunately the organizers of the gay pride parade got hold of an advanced copy and sued them for copyright infringement so its been delayed.

  8. I do find it interesting/amusing that as every rebellious, "individual" counterculture gains momentum and acceptance, expectations of behaviour and dresscode begin to evolve and inevitably the counterculture ends up even more conformant than the mainstream they broke away from in the first place.

    No offense to the punk and other sub/countercultures intended (I've got quirks and subcultures of my own) - it's just an observation I find interesting. :)
  9. +1
  10. Re: HD Advertising

    Very few. They generally go fast enough such that their owners are already at home tucking into their meals, rather than still out in the middle of whoop whoop, in the dark, with roos jumping around. :p
  11. One of those blokes is wearing one of Joels old tattoos.
  12. I sold it to him on ebay.
  13. Pity you didn't keep it. Your son will need it within a few short weeks.
  14. for some reason that made me really angry.

    nothign to do wiht HD, something to do with mob mentality...

  15. My god, if that's what HD can come up with all of their might.....

    C'mon, it was like a year 9 creative writing task - "We believe in bucking the system that's built to smash individuals like bugs on a windshield."

    It's also very conflicting - at one level they're saying that riding a HD (or motorbike in general) brings you freedom, individuality, independence etc. and on the other they are trying to get across a message of being a part of a culture and group.

    I mean, I really like the basic idea; they're trying to in 2 minutes explain the culture and brand that is Harley Davidson, but they loose the plot trying to get it to all fit together.

    Since I'm ragging on them here's my version. sticking with the 'we believe' theme;

    [Wide shots of mountains, desert plains, general un-tainted nature, and then a long, straight road strtching to the horizon]
    We believe in open spaces, open minds, and open roads.
    [Camera moving down the road gets overtaken by a single HD, slow motion but obviously with some pace]
    We believe that letting your inner spirit run free, your inner desires play wild, and your true character show, is the only way to find the right line.
    [shots of cruising bike through a variety of roads, still only one bike and the same rider - identified as a main character]
    We believe that the right line is the one least travelled, the one least straight, and the one most don't know about.
    [Shots of riding through tighter, twisty roads. Angles are wide and flowing to minimise the potential for an 'enclosed' feeling - such as above the road looking down]
    We believe that the best things in life are sometimes the simplest, and
    [Same rider on the same bike, now has his partner on the back of his bike]
    We believe that riding a motorcycle is one of the greatest of all pleasures.
    We believe a motorcycle is more than fine engineering, more then shiny chrome, more than loud exhausts

    [Shots from truck-stops, city blocks and out the front of pubs, focus on finer points of the motorcycle as spoken about]
    We believe that a motorcycle, a real motorcycle, is a membership into a way of thinking, a way of life
    [group of 3 riders in staggered formation ride towards the camera, non-threateningly, along with other shots that say 'freedom']
    We believe that a motorcycle is the gateway to endless horizons, endless exploration and endless freedom.
    [large groups of riders on highways, twisty roads, in the city, bike festivals, etc.]

    We believe that we were born to do this.
    [Wide shot of a group of riders from high in the sky moves down gradually to be beside the group leader and tracking beside them. Camera slowly moves forward and in front, while zooming into the lead riders (first rider shown in the clip) face, so that the last shot is from in front of him, with him smiling and his hair etc. flicking around in the wind, and other riders out of focus behind him]
    And we believe that you might have been too.

    I'm kinda keen to go out and have a crack at this now. Although it'd have to a sportsbike style.

  16. Have any of you blokes ever owned, or ridden a Harley?
  17. ridden yes owned no. Confirmed to me what I thought of them, pieces of shit.

    Cheers :cool:
  18. It's not about the bike. It's about the wankery of this video. At a very minimum it's hippocritical.

    They are all individuals, but life is so much better when they are all doing the same thing. They don't care what anyone else thinks, but bling their bikes up to buggery. What for? To get the approval of their peers.

    What this video is is an American corporation sucking in people, to get their money. It's got nothing to do with genuine rebellion.
  19. for some reason, all those voices quoting the 'i believe in..' stuff reminded me of the Borg Collective.
  20. Dazza, they are all different. Don't judge them all by your experience on one.