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Harley-Davidson Roadster

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by 16S1000R, Jul 5, 2016.

  1. Anyone had a test ride on one of these yet? The reviews I've seen seem really good.

    Was supposed to ride one today but it's crap weather here in Brisbane today.
  2. I had a Roadster for a quick test ride on Sunday. First time on a Harley as well for me. So a quick summary of my experiences would be as follows:

    The good:
    -Sound was awesome especially when WOT (straight through pipes helped)
    -Nice low down torque. Gives you a big shove when getting on the gas.
    -Looks awesome from just about every angle
    -Decent stopping power in the front brake.
    -The engine lets you know it's on when stopped a lights with the shaking.

    The bad:
    -Not much ground clearance. Managed to scape a peg without even trying.
    -Even with all that torque and 1200cc it is slower than what I expected.
    -Peg placement is just wrong. Way too far out, I kept placing my feet too close to the engine and not on the actual pegs. They also get in the way when stopping and moving the bike around.

    The ugly:
    -The price. Without a doubt $19000 is just crazy. Much better options out there for the money. The Triumph Street Twin and T120 are much better bang for your buck.

    Overall it is a good bike but not for the sort of money Harley is asking. Would I buy one... Yes as a second bike.
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  3. I haven't ridden it but the Iron looks hardcore for an 883. would be interested to hear your thoughts.
  4. I'm going to agree with InfiniteInfinite on the pegs. Stupid place. Should be either 1 inch forward or back.

    I only rode it for about 30klms but around town it has oodles of torque. Brand new tyres and a wet road so wasn't going to scrape pegs.

    It was my first ride on a Harley so wasn't prepared for the rumble down under at idle. Exhaust has a very pleasing note. Deep and guttural.

    Clutch throw was very short. No adjustable levers but they seemed fine. ABS brakes and they worked fine - 7 kilometres on the clock so they weren't even bedded in yet.

    Interesting instrument panel and a gear indicator which I was surprised to see. Self cancelling indicators worked well.

    Loved the fob - no key - starter system and security alarm.

    I reckon for around town and the occasional country trip this thing is a winner. I'll take bets this is the highest selling HD in 12 months.

    Cost is too high, but the resale value of Harley's seems outrageously good anyway. 20160705_142152.
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  5. Oh and full comprehensive insurance for me through either HD or QBE is $25 a month. Lol
  6. Looks fantastic, but If I was gonna spend that much on a bike I'd go the new Thruxton or shell out a bit more for the R

    The fuel Tank looks way too small but I love the seat design
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  7. Wtf!!
  8. maybe they put in 120cc by mistake? :p
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  9. No, that is how much my fattie costs to insure yet the Ape is insured for a bit less and is almost $900 a year after a special VIP discount I qualify for due my employer using QBE
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  10. Again, Wtf!

    Do Harley's never prang? Hence low insurance...?
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  11. Has anyone ridden this and, say, the Victory Judge (asuming it's still available) and, if so, how do they compare?
  12. They're aimed at a different segment aren't they?
    The Sportster's Victory equivalent is the Scout/Octane.
  13. I dunno. The Judge seemed pretty similar in price point and concept to the fancier Sportys when it first came out.
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  14. Perhaps the question should be do Harley's ever get ridden?
    Not much chance of a prang in the garage being polished (or the workshop!)

    Went HD insurance with mine, seemed cheap as.
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