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Harley Davidson Overlord V-4

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Triumph rider, Apr 4, 2015.

  1. A 1600cc, V-4, 220hp weighing 250kg wet, in a sport bike chassis, made by Harley Davidson! After decades upon decades of building Flintstone motorcycles, Harley finally decides to become the world leader in performance again. Then a bout of traditional, conservative angst set in, and the whole project was cancelled to concentrate on what was selling, not what could sell. Must not be a market for Sport Bikes, especially fast ones. Might blow the hanky off the customers head.
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  2. Harley Davidson is an entity that is about making money, this probably had more potential of being a lemon other wise they would have ran with it.

    Just think of the possiblities if they made a super sport that had power, handling and reliability.....
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  3. Was that back in Buell's time with them?
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  4. I don't know how it even made it that far. Something like this is total alien for Harley. If it sounded like a Harley they would have to use the Harley firing order, and add some serious counter balancers. If it sounded like a bad arse Harley it could sell well. Most Harley riders haven't a clue how their engine works today. The old school riders, knew every nut and bolt, inside and out.
  5. It was cancelled in 2009. There must be some sort of battle going on in the Harley management. If they can come up with a guaranteed seller, and make money, they most likely would.
  6. If it did make it to the shop floor and lets say it was something that worked the old school riders would not accept it as it would not be in line with the traditional image that riding a Harley represents.

    Look at the pre model designs the OP put up, you could not be further from the tradition design, looks more japanese tham HD.
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  7. My guess is that all companies make these 'blue-sky' mock-ups and models, and that most of them are never intended to see the light of day, or are ever destined for production....
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  8. The development work done by Porsche that ended up in the Vrod took a stunningly long time to become in Harley s mind a sell able to Harley owners bike.It needed to be Harleyafyed to sell.I should patent that word
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  9. K
    I wish you were wrong, however, your spot on. There was strong criticism over the aluminum cylinder bores from other techs in the R&D shop. They didn't know about Nicasil plating. The cam bearings were plain aluminum as well, as most Japanese motors use. First impressions, to say the least, were of horror and disbelief. Harley needs to keep prototypes out of their engineering system. Just set down a list of specs, like the military does, like the V-Rod, and reap the reward.
    I could imagine being an engineer, saying, " This primary chain is nothing but trouble, it must go."
  10. I could imagine being an engineer, saying, " This primary chain is nothing but trouble, it must go."

    HD is stuck on the image band wagon,
    Its not that they can't move with the rest of the world they just don't want to, they serve up what their customers want and in that world change happens very slowy.
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