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VIC Harley Davidson Night Train Docklands

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' at netrider.net.au started by Pincher, Aug 14, 2015.

  1. Stolen from Docklands at 01:30am on 14/08/15
    Harley Davidson Night Train 2008
    Vin number: 1HD1JA5118Y078291 Rego: 1L-3YD
    Has a Veterans MC derby cover.
    Contact: 0417379474 with any information.
    Hally. Hally 3.

  2. Not sure why photos doubled up?
  3. Shame, hope it gets recovered soon.
  4. Probably because you sent out from a mobile device, it's a common problem....
    Hope you get your bike back...
  5. i parked my bike in dockalnds daily mate sorry to hear yours was pinched hope it's insured!
    and hope you get it back pronto too
  6. That's a great looking bike hope you get it back and the they get the karma bus
  7. With a username of 'Pincher' I'd be interested to know how you acquired the bike? ;)

    Bad taste i know, but gotta love the irony - hope you get a positive result on the bike Mate.
  8. lucky you live in Sidney dude
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  9. Why, because you don't get irony, the admission of bad taste and best wishes in the same post?
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  10. no because you cant see one move ahead
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  11. some one doesn't like me
  12. Sorry to hear that man such a nice bike! Ill keep an eye out around my travels in Melbourne