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Harley Davidson/Jap Cruisers Performance mods

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Fa1c0n, Aug 28, 2013.

  1. Hey guys,

    Thought I'd start a performance mods thread for HD and Cruisers cause you don't seem much about it on NR compared to the sports bike threads.

    Shortly I will be putting a heavy breather on my bike and fitting a "Power Vision" tuner to flash the ECU.

    After that I've got a shit tone of stuff to pull off the bike to make it lighter.

    Has anyone got any easy power mods for HD or Cruisers?
    Has anyone used a "Power Vision" tuner before?
    What performance mods do you have on your Cruiser?
  2. Can't really offer much help here, my bike has enough juice to keep me satisfied, although here's one I spotted on a ride many months ago,
    Red switch primes the nitrous and the horn activates warp speed. The owner told me it's pretty useless in gears 1-3 because it just picks up the front wheel. Still awesome though.
  3. Oh wow - That's hot and I'm pretty sure it's not street legal in Vic.
    Pity its a Victory. :p
    A victory killed me off the line a few months ago, made me sad... Don't tell anyone.
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  4. The best people in the sportster high performance mods business are Hammer Performance http://hammerperf.com/ These blokes sell exhausts, airfilters, big bore kits, they also provide CNC head porting services and are the go to people for high performance mods in Harley Sportster world, highly recommended with years of experience and they are really nice people.
    They have a XL dyno mule and test all the products they sell, so there is no bullshit with these guys.
    I am currently using a Powervision with the auto-tune kit on my XR1200 and recommend getting one off M&M cycles http://www.mandmcycles.com/default.aspx .. shoot them a email asking for their best price.
    If you are tuning the engine yourself (like I do) I suggest you find a good base map to start with, one that has similar mods to yours. If you're having a pro do it I suggest you join HDforums Australia and ask. They also have some guys that have experience with pv and should be able to help you out with a good base map.
    The PV is a great tool, if you have any questions about the powervision or anything else don't hesitate to ask.
  5. You sir are a source of knowledge.
    What state are you in?

    I've been looking for fast HD riders...
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  7. North Queensland mate
  8. fcuk....
  9. Here I was thinking this was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
  10. So what have you done to your sportster so far man?
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  12. quote
    pity its a victory


    you got no idea
  13. I take it you missed the small font "A victory killed me off the line a few months ago, made me sad... Don't tell anyone."

    Perhaps get your eyes checked?

    I gotta support the home team bro....
  14. kk

    so performance wise it sounds like the standard Harley performance upgrade.
    Pipes, air and tune.

    Then on top of that you changed the pullies? Did this change much?
  15. yep missed it ,
    maybe just upgrade to a victory then ?
  16. Yes that's right :D the standard Harley engine mods, Exhaust, air , fuel and spark. My engine is a little different to yours, bit more compression, different cams and heads, down draft intake, so you can get good increases, power wise, with the right choices there.

    Lifting the rear was a good mod as well, you can lean it over more and it turns in a little quicker.

    Changing the pulleys gives it alittle more legs, your not changing gears every 5 seconds, plus it brings the revs down for the same speed. But I find myself still riding at the same revs so you could say it brings the speed up for the same revs.
  17. Couple of reasons why I ride HD and always will, even though I know there are 'better' bikes out there:

    HD just look much prettier than other bikes, particularly the 48.
    I feel like Victory try way too hard... But I don't mind the vegas 8 ball.

    The sound they make is unlike any other bike out there.

    Huge community.

    They make you feel great! No other bike gives you the same feeling, it is hard to explain....

    Massive aftermarket parts range for easy customization.

    I don't want to forever have this conversation -
    random: "Nice Harley!"
    me: "It's a Victory.... Not a Harley."
    random: "Oh...." *looks less impressed*

    Most of the world sees Harley Davidsons as the "Legit" cruiser style. I do care about what people think of me to some extent.
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  18. That was my next question - do our bikes run the same engine.
    Evidentially not.

    I would rather drop the rear on mine, looks cooler. :p
    But for your bike, lifting it up looks great.

    Question - does the XR engine rock back and forth like all the others? (Minus the vrod)

    How much of a difference between stock and air+tune did you notice?
  19. Well played good sir

    Agreed on the sound though, there's something very visceral about that potato-potato exhaust note.