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Harley Davidson has bought MV Agusta

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Loz, Jul 14, 2008.

  1. So that's what that gold plated MV was about :grin: .

    Are we now going to see all sorts of cruiserised MVs, like all those dreadful H-D Aermacchis from the 70s?
  2. An MV powered Buell could be interesting.
    Likewise it might provide some new alternatives for the V-Rod engine - like a big v-twin sportsbike combining the best bits of Italian bikes, with cheap (for the US market) engine parts/servicing.
  3. Doesn't the new water-cooled Buell motor have a lot in common with the Aprilia RSV motor? They're both Rotax. That could be a point of conflict to begin with.
    IIRC the V-Rod motor was rejected for sports use due to excessive weight and size.
  4. Yes, it was originally designed for Buells, but Harley liked the idea so much they increased the size and made it too long to fit in the short-wheelbase Buell bikes.
  5. Might not be the best for a track bike - but for a sportsbike designed for road use it might work, especially in the US.
  6. Loz, I'm rapt. Both of my favorite bikes under one corporate umbrella. I only buy what I can spell. 2 letters is my limit. No bwm, or hoondy or those yahama thingies for me.
  7. MZ...


    Similar styling to the MV...performance and reliability.
  8. Bugger off Cliff.
  9. Look on the bright side. It wont take long before there is a plethora of MV-baged bandanas, skull paterned face masks, fingerless gloves, "Live To Drink Latte" T-shirts and other wonderful lifestyle accessories. :grin:
  10. Aw, that's not nice...
  11. He's a Harley owner now, don't mess with him or he'll fcuk your shit up.
  12. True.

    Rog could get tassles for his saddlebags on the MV.
  13. fella's, I have had a lot to do with HD bikes, over many years. I actually like them. Put shit on me all you like. I love it.
  14. If HD do MV spares in the same way that they do HD spares, fantastic.
  15. Oooookay...umm, not my thing, but I believe there are clubs around Melbourne that will accomodate most interests. :shock:

    yes I am too immature to resist it. :grin:
  16. Mate, i don't just wear those chaps on an HD, yaknow.
  17. We're just joshing Rog.

    Anyone with enough capital to keep an iconic marque like MV alive is welcome. The trick will be to balance the Italian flair for design with the financial controls that are sorely lacking in so many European (Italian) brands.
  18. Spot on Ceej. MV need the pragmatic business sense the yanks are well schooled in but still need all the Italian flair and style that makes and MV and MV. No one and I mean NO ONE can sell a bike like the yanks. If they can apply their marketing skills and business acumen while allowing the creative juices to flow there are going to be some great bikes coming out and perhaps one or two at a price point more people can afford. It worked for Ducati so why not MV? God knows I'd rather an MV any day over a duck.