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Harley Davidson - haggling with dealers?

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by s2ksimon, Oct 25, 2007.

  1. Hello Netriders!

    I have my eye on a HD Night Rod, in talking to a few friends who purchased Harley's about a year ago the dealers wouldn't move an inch on RRP - does anyone know if this is still the case?

    I would have assumed they have some room to move with the strong Aussie dollar - but demand seems strong judging by all the sold stickers in Peter Stevens.
  2. Yep those things'll sell at RRP to the next bloke that walks in if you don't buy it.
  3. An old colleague I know is the store manager at Harley Heaven in the city (Wayne King)
    Happy to pass on an intro if it could help you.
    Don't know if it will get you a discount, but I have heard that they won't discuss any discounts until they realise you are serious, and not just a tyre kicker.
  4. It's been my experience that HD dealers won't discuss discounts on popular models at all. You might have more luck with floor stock that's been sitting for a while (that'd be the less popular models).

    I would suggest trying to negotiate a higher trade in price rather than a lower sale price :idea:
  5. A mate who owns one and who has shipped it to the US twice for Harley rides, etc. tells me that the above non-negotiation thing is true. He also says that the HD has a higher demand for its products in its domestic market than what they can supply. Presumably export markets get priority (for export credits, etc.), so we're guaranteed a set number of bikes.

    You gotta wonder though, what the attraction is with these bikes. But then, as they say, there's no accounting for taste, is there?
  6. A guy I work with is a Harley nut.....Reckons you have to spend another 4 grand upgrading the exhaust and "ECU' (think thats what he said). Cos to pass emmissions they are knobled. He's buying the next one in parts.. to get around this.

  7. can a Harley can retain its total value, if stock standard and kept well?
    can one be a 'toy investment'?
  8. Forget investment when it comes to bikes, oh I thinkt hat if you look at a demo or floor stock you might have a better chance, also last day of the month can be good as well, the sales guys are on targets :grin:
  9. Some dealers who sponsor HOG chapters give discounts to HOG members.
  10. The idea of owning a Harley, to most, is the option to customise it to the owner's style.

    Having said that, a standard Harley would be a better "investment" as accessories don't add anywhere near the value that they cost.

    As a bare minimum most do pipes, air filter and jetting. And some dealers will give you a discount when fitting these to a new bike.
  11. Well here's my experience , my dealer sells Yammy's , Honda , and Duc's , and in a separate part of the dealership HD's . I had two perfect trade ins which they wanted and were valued and accepted plus a pocket full of cash . I've had HD's before seconhand not new , so we walked in to the HD showroom and were looking at the bikes , after 40 minutes a guy shouts over to us he's just gunna eat lunch so he tuck's into his pies we keep looking at the different models and we settle on a Heritage Softail Deluxe , remember they have our two trade in bikes out the back in their workshop and we had cash in our pocket to buy the new bike outright . We waited 2 hours and 20 minutes and the salesman came over to us and started bad mouthing the brand of trade ins we had , all I wanted him to do was shut up and let me order the bike , my wife and I wanted , but he wouldn't let up , my wife just wanted us to leave , then he was trying to steer us towards a Fatboy , I didnt want a Fatboy , he wouldnt let up again , he was going on and on ,......... plus swearing his head off , ............ I grabbed my wifes hand and walked out through the doors with his mouth around his ankles , we walked around the other part of the dealership looking at cruisers and picked up a photo of the bike we have now . We ordered it straight away paid for it . The HD hero was staring out of his door , I just smiled and gave him the finger . We are so happy with this sickle .............one fantastic ride .............cheers
  12. HD's sell at RRP for the average non club/chapter member but you can and do get deals on extras.
    Although I still cant see the value :LOL:
  13. Are there any other kinds?

    Remember, Harley named its engines after those that ride them....
  14. Presumably, the "chapter" members get a REALLY significant discount on their bikes, sort of like in the five finger range...
  15. Thanks for the feedback guys, I will work to get my post count up to 20 so I can PM peter-reebok :wink:
  16. I love me harley worth every dollar :grin:

    And Peter stevens dont budge at all, wouldnt drop $100 off $30,100.00... same story next bloke will buy it...
  17. Fraser's huh? Can't say I've had the same experience you had but it wouldn't surprise me. As for the OP - you don't really see "Run Out" sales and the like for HD's. They pretty much name their price.
  18. Agree, they're almost certainly not going to drop the retail price for the bikes. If you knew someone working there pretty well, I think you could probably get a dealer to drop the on-roads.

    Best to shoot for a discount on any accessories (ridiculously overpriced given what the $A is doing) or a discount on the 07 model year now that the 08's have arrived.
  19. When you buy a car, they drag out the 'Ming Moll' to sell you tint, paint protection etc. Usually an underdressed young womam.

    When you buy a Harley, they bring out the 'Chrome Consultant' who is a rough looking overweight, bearded, tattooed guy with an attitude.

    Their job is to sell you as much stuff as possible to increase the bottom line for the dealership.

    My advice (I run 3 car dealerships). unless you want the stuff, take time out to reflect on your intended purchases.
    It is is possible to get a good deal on 'stuff' but it is wasted money unless you would have bought it anyway.
  20. I will keep an eye out for the 'Chrome Consultant' but the night rod is black so they will be wasting their time. Perhaps they will hit me with the 'Powder Coat Consultant'.

    I went for a test ride and loved it, the next step is to get in line and put a deposit down.