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Harley Davidson Gosford

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by basejumper, Mar 21, 2016.

  1. So my 3 year old night rod had a miss before Xmas and the Harley Davidson shop at west Gosford looked at it and it ended up being a throttle position sensor ($60 odd part). When I went to collect it they decided to charge me another $300 odd for a "tune" they did on it. I told them I never asked for it to be tuned but I paid anyway as I had thought about getting a custom tune for it. It ran great for months.
    A few weeks ago similar story and I took it back and told them it had begun to do the same thing and cough and miss every now and then. I asked them to call me when they found the problem. After getting back from Phillip island last week I stopped in and they told me it was the 02 sensor another $60 - $70 part. Total price $450 as they also "tuned" it again.
    I kept my cool and told them I would pick it up on Monday.
    I stewed all weekend thinking I was not getting ripped off twice by these pricks, i went in there this morning.
    I asked him if I could take it up the road and test ride it. He paused and asked if I could leave something as they've had problems before ( no wonder u little rip off punk ) . I offered my drivers license that is about to expire and has my old address on it.
    He goes to get the bike and in the split second I had I grab the box with my super tuner in it and shove it in my pocket.
    I take off and ride straight home.
    I'm waiting for their call and plan on telling them I owe them for the sensor and 30 minutes to install it. If they don't like that they will get nothing .
    Little do they know I actually know the boss of HD Australia and his son is in love with my 7 year old daughter and nicked a ring off his mum and proposed to her last week.
    We will see what happens
    Beware don't go anywhere near these bottom feeders

  2. Nice but Id be proactive and drop in and pay them the $60 in cash.
    sorry guys test ride went a bit over and you were closed when I came back to pay.:eek:
    If they try and sting you for the unrequested tune up say not paying.
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