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Harley Davidson FXDB StreetBob

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by Kurse, Dec 26, 2008.

  1. SO I'm in the market for a cruiser, and I've got my heart set on a 2009 StreetBob. I took an FXSTC for a spin, it had forward controls and an exhaust, was fun as to really enjoy the ride and not care what everyone else was doing, I now realise how much fun cruisers can be.

    Then the other day I take an FXDB 2007 model for a ride, forward controls and exhaust [two main mods I'll be putting on mine]. First thing I noticed was the vibration, my GOD, it vibrates friggin heaps, way more than the softail custom.

    The vibration I can handle but one thing I'm worried about is, I found I struggled a bit keeping my feet on the pegs when I'd take off and also cruising at 100 ks, my feet felt like they were really hanging out the side and I had to constantly keep my legs tense to keep em on the pegs. This didn't happen on the softail custom, so I assume it's a Dyna thing yeah? Probably due to the slimmer frame?

    Maybe my legs will get used to it, but if they don't, then my long rides I'm planning - Queensland, Perth etc are gonna be a bit hard on my legs.

    I like the feel of the forward controls, I'm aware the stock controls on a SB are mid-mounted, the other option is highway pegs, but I'm thinking that could be dangerous if I use em heaps and need to brake in a hurry, I figure I'm better off just getting forward controls, plus another set of pegs at the front looks a bit retaded in my opinion.

    I come from a sportsbike background and have only ridden a handful of cruisers, so maybe it's me not knowing how to ride that style of bike.

    Anyone ridden a StreetBob before and knows what I'm talking about? Anyone own a Streetbob?
  2. Had the same problem when I first got my Yamaha Cruiser. It felt like only the inside 1/2 of my bootsole was in contact with the pegs.

    Perseverance paid off though. After the first couple of hundred kays I 'adjusted' to the peg placement and now It's really comfortable. :grin:
  3. BIG differene between the Softails and Dyna's.

    Softails have their engine solidly mounted to the frame and use counter balancers to reduce vibrations - so at idle very smooth. Even up the rev range they are smooth - however IMHO, doing long rides on them the vibrations become a bit annoying - as it's more of a buzz

    Dyna's (and post 04 Sporties) have rubber mounted engines - that shake at idle, but then smooth out as the revs increase. My FXDWG was silky smooth at highway speeds

    On the peg position - you'll get used to it. Forward controls will get boots scraping occasionally - but the benefit is a straight back and IMHO more comfortable "cruisy" seating position.