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Harley Davidson Fourty-eight 2012.

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Fa1c0n, Sep 11, 2012.

  1. Heeeey.

    Got it ages ago and completely forgot to put it up here.
    Anywayyyy heres the new bike.

    In the third photo - I have changed the pipes since then. They are now matte black.

    Also, the sissy bar on the back is detachable.

    I lovvveee it


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  2. Wow! What a beauty! I bet it sounds real awesome. If you don't mind my asking, how much did you get it for?
  3. I like them but the small tank is a worry
  4. For the long rides you might want to check out the sissy bars that can swing forward. I'm sure they'd make them for the HD's.
  5. Sorry, just can't fight the urge to point out that it's spelt "forty", not "fourty".

    Since you now own one you should at least be able to spell its name :p.

    Is a nice looking bike though.
  6. always loved the look of the 48's, but small tank is a bit of a put off... would be filling it almost every day just from the run to work and back
  7. Stock they are 18k. After i bought all the extra shit it ended up at 21k.
    Plus my jacket was 600, and another one for the missus :p

    Yeah... and i put the tank lift on (the fuel comes out the center not the end) so I get even less kms. approx 80km to a tank...

    Haha! Yeah my bad, ill just spell it 48 from now on.

    I loveeee the bike! Its pretty speedy for a HD
  8. I really hope thats a typo.
  9. No sir - I fill up twice a ride. :p TOTALLY WORTH IT!
    Ima just get a little jerry can for long rides. :D
  10. The forty-eight is a good looking bike but I'm too old to plan my ride around 80km fuel stops!
  11. 80k per tank
    I imagine that will drop when riding two up as well
    A nice bike but constant refuelling would be s nightmare to live with
    I get shitty having to fuel at 250k lol
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  12. NICE bike but 80 K's a tank??? I do about 200 K's (+/-10) but 80K's??? That would annoy the hell out of me. :)
  13. ye, with the zzr, careful riding I've hit over 400k's a few times.

    Does it corner well, or do things scrape early on?
  14. Love the look of the 48 but same - 80km range would drive me spare. I get around 250 from the NR but have hit 290 before - strangely when 2 up (touring and must have been a bit more 'cautious' woth the right hand...)

    I would look into fitting a Fatbob tank - I believe that can be done
  15. There are larger sportster style tanks available as well, 11 litres and 15 litres rather than 8 but the 48 is an image bike meant to be ridden around town so the short range isn't a consideration in the design process.
  16. Image Bike. That brings a smile! :D

    So you can take the 48 to a pub and a Ducati to a cafe? :D
  17. is it uncool to say i dont like it ..
  18. It is a democracy and you're entitled to your opinion! :)
  19. Yeah - it scrapes early, but i still have the scrape pegs on. Watcha think, should i take them off?

    The 80km doesn't bother me. I mean i can push it up to 130 but the light comes on at 80.
    Its so much fun to ride, its loud and feels great.
    Its narrow so filtering is easy.
    Everyone comments on how nice it looks.

    I love this bike guys, just need more aggressive cruiser riders to ride with.
    Cant ride with sports cause i slow them down, and cant ride with normal cruiser riders cause they slow me down.

    Im in this weird limbo area.](*,)