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Harley Davidson Forty Eight opinions?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Jeronimo, Apr 21, 2011.

  1. Has anyone had much to do with the current model Harley Davidson Forty Eight?

    Are they any good?

  2. You will mostly get the Harley haters here (who have never ridden one).

    I like the look, the fuel range would stop me buying one.
  3. It's a Harley. "Any good" doesn't really come into it. You either want one or you don't.
  4. Yeah, the 100-120kms per tank doesn't really excite me either. Apparently larger HD tanks are easily fitted, but I don't know why they went such a small tank. There is clearly room for it.

    They do look good and a lot of reviews say they are easy to ride, but I have heard a few negatives about HD in general in regards to build quality and reliability.
  5. Even modern H-Ds are not up to the plug and play, white goods type reliablity exhibited by the Japanese offerings.

    However, given regular servicing and a little mechanical sympathy (a very different thing forom mechanical ability) they're well up to being used as daily commuters as many folk who use them as such will attest.
  6. I think they look pretty sexy. I also like the Iron. Tee up a test ride then make your decision.

    The one thing that I realised with that type of bike is that there doens't seem to be much of a second hand market for them. So if you are going to buy one make sure that you can live with it and you wont want to sell it at least for 5 years.

    But over all for that not quite cruiser not quite sports bike they are smack bang in the middle and super sexy machines.
  7. Love the 48, but I'd fit the tank from the Custom.

    I've never ridden a HD, let alone owned one. A few of my car buddies own them and they reckon they're stone axe reliable.

    I'd be surprised if there was a bike on the market today that had better chrome or paint than a Harley, maybe a Victory. But, the better they are, the more that the little flaws stand out. Nothing's perfect, not even my Aprilia...
  8. I've got a mate that's getting one, he tells me there's a three month waiting list, and that's at a time when all other m/c sales are slumping. 48s are the new black.

    He's promised me a ride when it arrives, giddy up!
  9. They're nice to ride and look awesome. Tiny tank looks sweet but would be a pain to live with. As with all of them it could do with a few more horses but if you ring their neck you'll have plenty of fun. Ride one and you'll instantly know if it's right for you or not. As mentioned above there's a huge waiting list for them though. You're on the right track considering a 1200, wouldn't go near the even slower 883
  10. :shock: And that right there is the reason why a lot of cruisers are something I simply could not live with.

    Might be fine for poncing about a city. But try doing any serious kms in the country and that sort of tank mileage simply will not work.
  11. From what I've seen build quality and reliability is better with HD than most Japanese cruisers.
  12. Harleys are crap. Especially the little ones (girl's bikes!). That's what I thought today as a HD rider waved to me and I snobbed him - I just looked ahead and kept my hands immobile of the bars of my Virago 535....
  13. "Poncing"??

    Tell me how many places "in the country" where you don't find a petrol station within a 120km range.

    And please don't say The Outback because realisticaly I haven't seen too many riders out that way.

    The 48 is a good looking unit, it's getting top reviews and lends itself well to a wee bit of personalisation. I like.
  14. Anywhere away from the straight, boring, major highways. If you're going from small town to small town along b-roads it's not uncommon to go 2-300kms without seeing a petrol station - I do it all the time.

    For a brand that trades on the image of the freedom of the open road, it's laughable they make bikes so tethered to having to follow the same major roads as everyone else. But let's face it, there's a much bigger market in selling to baby-boomers looking for something shiny to park in front of a cafe or try and intimidate the neighbours with.
  15. Plenty here in WA, particularly outside office hours.
  16. Bang Bang two results. We're all prone to looking at motorcycling only from our own perspective instead of appreciating what's in it for the other guy. To be flogging so many 48s when the rest of the market has gone quiet means it's fulfilling somebody's perspective. So they must be doing something right.

    The retro 48s are the only HD that's ever caught my eye. The friend of mine who's getting one only just told me recently at a party. He wasn't going to cough it up though, not without plying him with alcohol first. When I asked him what the big deal was and why he didn't want to let anybody know, his response was, "Because these guys just wouldn't get it."

    I get it and he was quite surprised to find I get it. Another mate of mine has an RS4 that doesn't do much better than 120k's, but it goes like shit off a shovel and when the taps are open there's no other sound out there like it. Sure he has to fill up a lot because he likes to turn the volume up, but every time we stop he has a goofy grin on his face from ear to ear. If a bike puts a grin on your face, the rest is just detail.

    If it doesn't put a grin on your face you're doing it wrong.
  17. Well said Chef (y)

    My V-Star still puts a smile on my face... So I'm guessing a 48 could turn me into the joker.
  18. I brought a 2011 forty eight in Nov 2010. They are great bike to ride and look cool.... But at 700km the clutch burn-out... good old USA quality. Getting to the battery is a pain in the butt-2 hours to get it out.. on a jap bike it takes 30 mins. Yes... its getting annoying filling the tank 70-80km....you will be lucky to get 100kms.

    Everything is expensive on harley... this how much i spent on mod so far.
    Seat $500
    ecm chip $500
    air cleaner $300
    side bag $200
    Handle bar $300
    levers $200
    one replacement indicator $300

    And if you get one.. don't ride it the rain because harley electrical is not compatible with water. My old jap bike i park anywhere in the rain and sun. But my harley i had to park it under-cover or in my garage. Electrical is big problem with rain.
  19. OUCH, Is that city or highway?
    Is there a reserve over the 7.95L?
  20. Good post, thanks mate. Buying into the dream sounds bloody expensive, I might just stick to dreaming.