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News Harley-Davidson and Marvel create Super Hero Customs

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' at netrider.net.au started by NetriderBot, Aug 19, 2016.

  1. Press Release from Harley-Davidson:

    Harley-Davidson (H-D) and Marvel unveil Super Hero Customs, a collection of custom Harley-Davidson motorcycles inspired by some of the most powerful and iconic Marvel characters.

    For over 110 years, H-D has championed personal freedom and individuality through customisation of its motorcycles. Today, it reignites that passion by unveiling 27 custom motorcycles, each one uniquely designed to reflect the personality and traits of a Marvel Super Hero.

    Just like characters in the Marvel universe, no two customised Harley-Davidson motorcycles are the same; different powers, agilities and looks. The collaboration showcases some of the most popular Marvel characters and Harley-Davidson models – a Groot-inspired Street Glide Special from the Touring range, a Thor-inspired Breakout from the Softail family, and a Black Widow-inspired Iron 883 from the Sportster family to highlight just a few.

    2016 also marks the 75th anniversary of Captain America’s first appearance in a Marvel comic. To celebrate this, and his Harley-Davidson riding history the highly anticipated Captain America custom Harley-Davidson motorcycle will be on display at Myer, Pitt Street Mall, Sydney from August 15 – September 5.

    Harley-Davidson spokesperson, David Turney says, “The spirit of freedom is alive and thriving in the Harley-Davidson Street Glide Special. Like Captain America, it leads from the front with strength, power and endurance, enabling you to venture to newworlds and beyond.”

    “We customised the Captain America Street Glide Special to inspire Harley-Davidson dealers across Australia and New Zealand to create their own Marvel character inspired custom motorcycle using the wider H-D range. The results have been phenomenal. A true combination of super powers, with over 16 Marvel characters represented,” Turney says.

    “Harley-Davidson and its dealers have done an amazing job with this Marvel inspired collection. It’s exciting to see such a rich legacy of iconic characters and their individual stories so creatively captured,” said Gavin Ashcroft CMO of the Walt Disney Company AUNZ.

    Harley-Davidson and Marvel fans can visit participating Harley-Davidson dealerships which will have their individual Super Hero Custom motorcycle on display or visit h-dmarvelcustoms.com to vote for their favourite character, trait or bike. Consumers will go in the draw for a chance to win the ultimate Harley-Davidson and Marvel holiday to Hollywood and Las Vegas.

    Oz Comic Con Sydney (September 10 & 11, 2016) is the only event in the country where you’ll be able to get up close and personal with an assortment of this remarkable collection.

    The Harley-Davidson and Marvel Super Hero Customs range includes the following characters and participating dealerships:

    Captain America, Street Glide Special (Touring) – Harley-Davidson Australia & New Zealand head office (NSW)


    Spider-man, Iron 883 (Sportster) – Phil’s Garage (NSW) and Canberra H-D (ACT)


    Iron Man – Muscle (V-Rod) – McIver & Veitch (NZ) & Adelaide Bike Works (SA)


    Thor, Breakout (Softail) – Harley-Heaven Western Sydney (NSW)

    Hulk, Fat Boy Lo (Softail) – Geelong H-D (VIC)


    Hulk, Breakout (Softail) – Sun City H-D (QLD)

    Spider-Gwen, Street 500 (Street) – Gasoline Alley Harley-Davidson (QLD) & Fraser Motorcycles Newcastle (NSW)


    Black Widow, Iron 883 (Sportster) – Harley-Heaven Melbourne (VIC) & Sy’s H-D (NSW)


    Wasp. Roadster – Fraser Motorcycles Perth (WA)

    Groot, Street Glide Special (Touring) – Fraser Motorcycles Wollongong (NSW) & Central Coast H-D (NSW)


    Ultron, Night Rod Special (V-Rod) – Horsham H-D (VIC) & Harley Central (VIC)



    Drax the Destroyer, Fat Bob (Dyna) – North Coast V-Twins (NSW) & Richardson’s Harley-Davidson (TAS)



    Black Panther, Breakout (Softail) – Fraser Motorcycles Concord (NSW) & Western Ranges (NSW)


    Ant-Man, Street Bob (Dyna) – Harley City (VIC) & Gold Coast Harley (QLD)



    The Punisher, Forty-Eight (Sportster) – SunShine Coast (QLD) & Rolling Thunder MC (NZ)


    Ghost Rider, Road Glide Special (Touring) – Morgan & Wacker Brisbane (QLD)


    Thanos, Street Glide Special (Touring) – Harley-Heaven Adelaide (SA)

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  2. Want a wnak! Nothing says superhero more than being slow, unstealthy, unagile, underperforming and not even having the decency to nod or wave! Can just see all the HD riders queuing up to replace their skull and dragon liveries for fancy cape and tights wearing representatives of all that good and cuddly. Next they'll be swapping their leather vests for pink cardigans!
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  3. Oh.


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  4. This is a joke........right?
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  5. Look, I'm not anti-Harley, honest I'm not, but every one of them is seriously hideous...
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  6. The Ugly American !
  7. deceitful
    more likely
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  9. I always nod at the single cruiser riders I see. They rarely, really rarely nod back. I make sure to wave when there are two or more as then they are sus on each other as to who knows the Jap crap sport bike rider.
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  10. great
    another nodding thread
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  11. What about the ones in a relationship? And how can you tell when they ride past?
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  12. Woops, I didn't even realise Id crossed the line - my skull :wacky:
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  13. We have to take this to the nodding thread
  14. What's going on with the exhaust pipes on the Hulk and the front tyre width on the Black Panther?
  15. i try not to think about Harleys
    other wise i might have to think of other insults
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  16. Maybe the Hulk has a reverse?

    Personally I can't see Ghost Rider on that, he's more your minimal luggage type of guy...
  17. Interesting, thanks for sharing!
  18. So now they're aiming for the under 10's market. "Buy our new V Rod and we'll throw in a years supply of McHappy meals".
  19. Um........I like the Iron Man one.
    I'd ride that mofo.
  20. Um ... At least Indian riders nod! Did I cross the line again...?