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Harley Burnout

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by enforcer, Nov 3, 2005.

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  2. At last, someone has found a use for a Harley!
  3. Ok, it was alright, but just once I would like to see a harley or a chopper do a burnout by itself and not require the use of the wall.

    So my vote is
    one thumb up


    one thumb down
  4. Erm, NSFW warning for the site might be nice
  5. Yea a warning to site content should accompany your post.... I'd like to keep my job.

    Consider editing your post please.

    EDIT: Just realised how old this post is... anyway, I stand by what I have said.

  6. NSFW ads if you follow the link in the first post, people.

    Decent burnout... yes, wall assisted.

    There are easier way's to paint your garage floor black though.
  7. Sounds awesome, what was that snapping sound at the end though, sounded like an exhaust coming off or something??
  8. NSFW - not safe for wife either!!
  9. well if you don't want those very "informative" adverts popping up then just copy and paste the url below into your browers rather than using the link. This should just open the window media file.

  10. Hmm. I could almost feel the smoke in my lungs.
  11. wall assisted? how lame
  12. "Hardly burnout" it should be. A wall assisted burnout? Why would u even record that....

    and yes, that site is so NSFW that its not even funny!
  13. Oh c'mon dude, naked girls and Harleys, there is no other reason to live :LOL: