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Harley accident in Adelaide (Fri 10th of Feb - Adelaide)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Fluffy Bunny Feet, Feb 13, 2006.

  1. Hi all, as I posted in Edgeletts post before I had a bit of a full on weekend...

    My main concern is if anyone in Adelaide here knows the guy riding the Harley who was in the accident I witnessed Friday night on Marion RD (Northbound between Richmond and Burbridge/Sir Don Bradman). All I know from the newspaper is he was from Cowandilla and is still in a very bad condition in hospital, I just want to know if he looks like he's gonna be ok and if his family need anything at all, its been haunting me since Friday night so far...

    For anyone that wants to know about it what follows is what happened so don't read on if you have a weak stomach... My gf and I saw it all from about 10m away (traveling south), the rider didn't even have a chance he was heading north in the right lane (not speeding) and a Charade turned right from our side of the road infront of him, he had a maximum of 3-4m to react in and didn't even get his brakes on, hit the car and cartwheeled over it landing almost 20m down the road... Cars stopped straight away and everyone ran to help people in the car but no one to the rider, I ran as fast as i possibly could to him and when I got there he wasn't moving (but breathing barely and had a pulse still luckily) I held his hand and loosened his chin strap coz it sounded like he was choking and tried to comfort him till ambos arrived... I noticed then that his thumb was sliced off (no gloves) and he still wasn't able to acknoweldge me or say anything back.... The fatality was the passenger in the back seat of the charade, the car interior looked like a blanket over her and I presume she passed instantly. RIP.

    Anyway thats probably enough details coz im really not feeling to good now, but the condition of the rider is one thing I would like to know, and I want to pass on to him and his family my deepest sympathies and my name and number just in case they need anything at all during this time...

    I know it sounds silly but after holding a guy's hand, whom I don't know, for 5-10 minutes while he lay there, I want to know how he's doing and still help if i can rather than just trying to put the incident at the back of my mind and forget...

    So if anyone from Adelaide knows him can you please PM me and let me know how he is...
  2. I hope he's okay also dude.. You did a genuine deed by helping him out, should be proud of yourself.
  3. Thanks mate... Just doing what I hope someone would do for me if I was that unlucky...
  4. Are cagers driving with their friggin eyes shut or what?
    This is appalling, but sadly failing to give way is commonplace.
    When it’s a sunny day and im not travelling on a divided road I usually have my hi-beam on for this reason.
  5. F$@K :shock: :shock:
    what a horrible incident to witness.
    I hope I never have to come across anything like that... let alone be involved in it.
    you just don't know when someone else is going to step into your life and ruin your day/life in a split second.

    I read about that one in the paper, 2 pages after the report of a rider on a 1000cc yamaha hitting a 'P' plater on tapleys hill road killing the rider and a passenger in the car (witnesses to that say the bike was 'speeding').
  6. I'm glad you were there, mate.
    Once you've experienced something like that, you are never quite the same, and holding that fellahs hand for that time, created an emotional bond that will last a lifetime. And maybe somewhere inside himself he knew you were there...and at times like that...just knowing someone is there, and cares about you, can be literally life-saving in of itself.

    Give yourself a quiet pat on the back - you did good.

    It was a good thing that he went "over" the car. (if anything good can be drawn from the circumstances) :-(

    I hope it all works out really well for that poor soul and his family...
  7. Absolutely terrible and tragic. You did well.
  8. sounds like it - fluffy you should contact the cops if they didn't interview you already, sounds like there are some wildly conflicting reports on the accident.

  9. Yeah I couldn't believe they didn't see him, his light was on, he wasn't speeding (IMO), and they just turned infront of him real slow.

    Carefull out the peeps

  10. Yeah told 3 different cops the whole story already and they are coming around to see me and get the story again next weekend (I was pretty shaken up on Friday)
  11. not suprised, i'd be shaken too mate.

    you did the right thing though staying with the guy - would have been a comfort to have someone with him.
  12. That's a great thing you did Trent.

    All I can suggest is that you write the whole event down in as much detail as possible.

    If this isn't the best case for full-fingered gloves, I don't know what is...
  13. Hope he's made it through.
    And you too, terrible thing to happen. It's about time people in cars started to give a s@$T about bikes.
  14. FBF, the boys in blue should know which Hospital he's in so you can probably track him down through them and chances are there will be family around him.

    Good luck and well done on helping him in his time of need.
  15. you did a good thing, fbf, I admire your compassion, and I hope you can bring this to a conclusion that allows you some peace....
  16. 1. did he have a patch on his jacket , if so you can chase it through his club.

    2. holding someones hand at a scene , may just have given comfort and helped them relax.
    people who are hurt seriously need to be comforted at the scene of an accident , as if they panic and start moving they can do them selves worse injurys , by holding someones hand and talking to them regaurdless if they are responding or not makes a differance.

    also and without sounding morbid , but if they are really hurt and are dying it is a comfort to know someone is there .
    NO ONE should every have to die alone.

    well done mate .