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Harley 883 fuel to distance ratio

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by Scorpious31, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. I am curious if any one else has a sportster with a peanut tank and what distance they can travel on a single tank of fuel.
    I am starting to contemplating changing tanks to a larger capacity

    Mine holds about 12.5 ltrs and I am not sure if its using more juice than it should be.

  2. So how far do you get and what type of riding do you do.
    My RF ranges from 170km to over 300km.
    Mate it all depends. If you get about 200 on the highway out of your tank you would be close to the mark.
  3. My M50 has a 15L tank, and the light starts flashing at 3 litres left in the tank.

    I can reliably get 220 klms from the 12L (15-3) in traffic and commuting, and 260 on the highway unless the speeds get up a bit.

    At speed over 160. range drops to 100 klms.

    EFI bikes have no reserve, so am a bit cautious.

    I have a TFI unit, and tuning for lean is possible, so range could go up a bit with some diligence.
    So far, don't give a rats, cost of fuel was not a factor in purchase or choice.
  4. Aim for 45mpg, ~3.3gal capacity, about 150miles or 240 kms. Should be getting at least 200km out of it.

    www.xlforum.net has some more info.

    What is your range now, and when do you hit reserve?
  5. I think I might have made a mistake with my readings from what people are telling me.

    I thought I had got 150km to a tank of fuel before hitting reserve but after makeing phone calls and talking to people and posting on various sites I might be wrong.

    I will have to try do it again but because I am not sure of reserve distances too I am wary of riding with low fuel and not knowing where the next station is.

    I commute to work and back daily (dont want to run out on the way) the bike is an 883 as mentioned with a 1200 kit in it and a kuryakyn hypercharger and straight through pipes so I assume there will be a difference to a stock 883 consumption.

    I have also been told that if my readings are correct I need to have it tuned asap.

    Maybe I have been riding it a little hard (oops) getting to know how she handles,so I will take it easy and hopefully get better details

    Thanks for the replies and links
  6. If they haven't changed the tank on the carbed models then reserve is 0.8gal, and 50km on reserve would be about it.

    Your mileage does seem a little bit low even for a 1200...
  7. Out for a longer than usual ride to test the bike ect..

    Full tank of juice and I got 148kms before needing to switch to reserve (speed ranging from 80 - 110).

    Traveled 8kms on Reserve before finding a Caltex station so decided to stop as I didnt know where any other stations where.

    Put in 7 ltrs to full (my tank 12.5 yeah right :censored: ) and continued on my journey.

    I guess my next thing to do is fill the tank again at home and then drain it to see its capacity then I can calculate.
  8. Your mileage is good for a 1200...do you actually have the 3.3gal tank? According to sportster.org they weren't introduced on the 883's until 1997. From your pic your tank does look a little different to the modern ones.
  9. Yeah Lukas,

    After looking on the net more and getting better details and being more sure about them this time, I am wondering if the tank is indeed a 3.3gl/12.5ltr.

    I found that this is a 2.25gl tank which would explain things better.

    2.25gl @ 93ml = 41mpg
    8.5ltr @ 150km = 17km/l

    if I have worked it out correct

    My bike is a 1992 model and from what I have found out the XLH is the deluxe model from that year as it was the only model I found witht he same details on the compliance plate.

    As you can tell I am new to Harleys and getting specifications I at least would like to know I have them right ( No I am not Anal lol)