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NSW Hardship Licence

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Mr Messy, Mar 23, 2011.

  1. Just spotted this at smh...
    Handy, but likely a beg for votes from the people who have lost their licences to vote for labor this weekend :p.

    Source: http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/state-ele...ivers-facing-licence-loss-20110322-1c4ax.html

  2. NO F&%KING WAY!

    Sorry to any Netriders that might think this to be a great idea but a system like this would open up an avenue for the oxygen thief that hit me to hold on to his license all because his wife has post natal depression and having to drive his sorry ar$e every where would so he could keep his job would be detrimental to her health. Boo f&%king hoo!

    For 14 months my wife had to drive me to everything I had to attend as well as driving our four kids from one end of the coast to the other for whatever they were up to, putting massive stress on her and leaving her seriously exhausted. As for his job - screw him sideways with the truck he hit me with! Why should he be allowed to keep his job when I'm nine weeks from being medically retired and left with injuries that I'll most likely have to list on every job application from here to eternity?

    If any government is to bring in a pity system such as this I'd be hoping that the guidelines are nice and tight because I'm sure that, based on the brief blurb the SMH provides, it is sure to leave as much of a bitter taste in the mouths of other victims as it does mine.
  3. I don't think you have too much to worry about; Kristina's main priority after Saturday is going to be perusing the job adverts in the Herald.
  4. I agree, drink driving should NOT be part of this new scheme, nor should certain offences like running red lights etc.
    You have 12 points, you make the choice how many you want to keep. If you can't see the end of your licence coming, you deserve to be unemployed.

    Dunno Paul, Labor got voted in two times before under very shaky circumstances...I don't think the people of NSW are that smart when it comes to voting. All they see is free handouts, never the train wreck that is the NSW economy.
  5. You traffic cops stick out like a sore thumb, typhoon.
  6. right up there with your stupidest efforts, boy.wishful
  7. Yep. Takes something pretty stupid to lose all 12 points in one go, and most people have the maturity to pull their heads in and behave if they get close to losing their licence.

    For those that can't, I've no sympathy. I'm sick of hearing of people being let off serious driving offences in the courts because their mummy didn't love them enough when they were a kid or some other BS excuse.
  8. I'd be against it for the simple reason it's a band-aid approach to the core problem, which is people accumulating many demerit points over time for low-level speeding, often in circumstances where the speeding in itself poses no or statistically insignificant additional risk to that incurred by any vehicle travelling at the speed limit.

    Labor wants to have its cake and eat it to: enough speeding revenue to boost the coffers but not so much that they start to lose voters over it. They've realised they've gone too far and at now frantically back peddling at the 11th hour. They must be held accountable.
  9. What about the L or P plater that's walking for 3 months because they were 4k over?
  10. It's a harsh way to learn that they should have put a bit more energy into throttle control but remember this proposal is about presenting a leniency to all license holders, not just motorcyclists.
  11. I saw that article and thought surely it was only a promise you could make when you know you are out the door.

    What sort of idiot would think that someone who has repeatedly shown they are irresponsible would then suddenly change their ways because they were given a hardship licence. If they really were suffering hardship, only had a few points left and continued to commit traffic offenses - they are aware of what the outcome would be and should be given no slack.

    If I knew I had to keep my licence because me or my partner had a medical condition, or to keep my job etc, I would pull my head in and make sure I did not lose it. Why should it fall on a magistrate or the state to ensure people are looked after when they make no effort look after themself.

    Makes my blood boil and would be an issue I would stand strongly aside victims of road accidents and their families to insist it is not introduced and/or to have it removed.
  12. +25 hundred million billion.

    With the rise in speed cameras, fixed and mobile, reductions in speed limits below what everyone knows are reasonable speeds on many roads, and the ridiculously low tolerance on speed measurements, the demerit point system is well and truly broken.

    Have you taken notice of how many unlicensed drivers have been caught in Victoria recently? Do you think they all committed serious traffic offenses?

    For someone who actually crashes and causes injury, or drives in a manner that is totally unsafe, or any other serious offense; No mercy.

    For someone who gets pinged in peak hour traffic four times over three years, while driving at the same speed as everyone else and flowing with the traffic, never causing any issues, losing their license is unjust and unfair.
  13. Unless it's the same camera that gets them all 12 times, in which case they're clearly too stupid to be allowed to drive.
  14. Let's see, 4 km/h over nets you 1 demerit point. A P plater gets suspended after losing 5 points in a year.

    I reckon if he doesn't learn to drive below the limit after getting caught 5 times, perhaps he needs to brush up on his skills...
  15. You forgot about double demerits.
  16. True.

    He'll have to be twice as careful on those days, like everyone else! :nopity:
  17. Not in NSW champ. Any speeding offence and you're walking on provisionals (except green ps, you get two and you're gone).
  18. I'm ALL for the proposal.

    There was a time when a person facing licence cancellation could plead mea culpa and argue a case and restrictions to a magistrate. The magistrate had carte blanche to consider appropriate punitive penalties and conditions (community service, mandatory training, use restrictions etc) and the broader picture of the impact of the cancellation on the person's life, family and local community.

    But then in response to the beige brigade talk back callers, and to give the politically expedient and apparently popular appearance of being tough on crime, many road penalties were made mandatory with it's subsequent societal dislocation and hardships.

    There is NOTHING wrong with this proposal to reinstate hardship clauses.

    Mandatory sentencing is a populist wank that does more harm than good.

    Let magistrates do their job.

  19. Ouch. I didn't know that.

    Viva Victoria, I guess....
  20. The article is about NSW.