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Hardest day on the bike so far

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Melbgirl, Dec 8, 2008.

  1. Well yesterday was probably the hardest (and most fun) day I've had on the bike yet.

    About 180 kms, and it seemed as if 160kms of that was twists and turns. We went through Warrandyte to King Lake, to Healesville, through the Black Spur to Marysville then back home via Reefton Spur, Warbuton, Cockatoo and home.

    I was pretty tired by the end of the day ... but learnt so much about the hard twists and turns and what to do (and definitely NOT to do).

    Had a couple of 'oh crap' moments but learnt from them pretty quickly.

    Main things I learned:

    - Gear selection is really important on the approach to corners as well as coming out
    - Stiff arms makes it almost impossible to ride through these places
    - Trust the bike!!!

    I felt like having today off work just to recover!!! Don't know about anybody else, but a day on the bike really tires me out.

    Sure beats housework and gardening though :grin: :grin:

    Anyway .. no point to the post really. Just thought I'd share my ride.
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  3. As I was reading it, I thought you were going to say;
    "I felt like having today off work just so I could do it again!"

    None the less, it is a really nice ride.
    Well done and glad you enjoyed it!

    Nothing clears the mind and fills the soul, quite like riding a motorcycle.

  4. That's a pretty solid days riding through some of the best areas to ride in, so well done for getting stuck into it and having a good ride.

    Tiring?...sure...fitness is part of the developement process. :grin:

    Well done!. :grin:
  5. Well done, amazing feeling isn't it?

    Re riding pains.... I felt the same way after my first biggish ride, yet have been trying to work through this. I've been riding more, extending my time out on the road, been less erratic with the bike, basically trying to smooth things out to preserve nrg. Recently I've finally 'relaxed' on the bike & IMO its made such a big difference! Don't ask me how this happened - it just did :LOL:

    If u & Oz want company next time, PM me as V & I are happy to join, time allowing of course :wink:

  6. ^ +1 :grin: Well done girl! :grin:

    ... how those pavers coming along? :wink:
  7. Keep riding and work on the fitness. Go to the gym and do plenty of aerobic exercises.

    Big ride? Once you get your fitness up, anything less than 200kms will be viewed as a short ride, even if they are all corners. Did an 800kms door to door ride to Dargo and back in a day, covering largely winding roads for much of the way. That's a big day ride when you have to mentally focus 100% for 9hrs over a 12hr period.

    Just taking your first baby steps into a larger world. Congratulations!
  8. next time do the Great Ocean Road :LOL:
  9. We've done the GOR ... loved it!! Didn't find it as hard as the road to King Lake or the Reefton Spur.

    Flux - yeah, 800kms is a bit too out of my reach right now. From a newbie point of view but also because my *ss wouldn't forgive me (as padded as it is ... it still gets pretty numb after a while). Longest ride we've done so far is 400km in a day ... but it wasn't as gruelling mentally as Sunday's ride .. all that concentrating hurts my weeny brain! :)

    Blacknblue .... those frickin' pavers aren't coming until late Jan/Feb next year!!!! Apparently the manufacturer has stopped making them for the year and there isn't any in stock. Grrrrr.

    Husband's happy as a pig in mud on the Z though ... apparently this is supposed to console me for the lack of landscaping going on :shock:

  10. Melbgirl >> Dont worry darls, at least i can ride my new bike over christmas :)

  11. IMO riding fitness is separate to all other, and whilst you get a head start being aerobically fit and strong, you still start from scratch on the bike. Gotta ride to get bike-fit.
  12. spur

    Five of us went through there on sunday as well, 3- XX's one duke and a Yammie, we also did Mt Donna Buang and back as well, good day, good ride with good blokes. Started to bucket down coming home through Chum creek to Toolangi, up to the slide and back to Lilydale via Coldstream, still bucketting down, the wet bum on the way home did not dampen the enthusiasum. It is a good road for learners. Both the Reefton spur and the Blackspur, but you must ride within your capability and go slow till you have confidence in your self, you will get faster, as time and experience grows, it all depends on the individual riding.
    Just stay upright.
  13. great choice of location. been through there few times. loving it. especially the black spur / marrysville part. awesome road