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Hardcore Road Rage

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by vic, May 26, 2005.

  1. http://www.chuckhawks.com/motorcycle_firearms.htm

    Motorcycle Firearms

    By Christopher Lee

    With the growing popularity of personal firearms carry among motorcyclists, it's important to find the weapon that best meets our rather specific self defense needs. On occasion, a drunk driver or a car driver experiencing road rage will purposefully ram a motorcycle, which never works out well for the motorcyclist.

    Use your superior agility and acceleration to evade the car if you can. However, because the driver is attacking the motorcyclist with a deadly weapon (the car), the motorcyclist is legally entitled to defend him or her self with lethal force, probably a firearm. Will you ever be in this situation? Let's hope not. But should you be, here are some suggestions that might just keep you alive:

    1. When selecting a firearm for motorcycle carry, opt for one that has a ported barrel, especially if your choice is a lightweight gun in a magnum caliber. Ported barrels are a relatively new technology, and they significantly reduce the recoil of the firearm. That means that when you are firing from a moving motorcycle, the shot will be less likely to disrupt your balance.

    2. Additionally, choose a high velocity medium bore cartridge (.357 Magnum, .38 Super, .357 Sig, or 9mm Luger+P). When you are firing at a moving vehicle, remember that the bullet must penetrate safety glass and still stay on target. .357/9mm high velocity or +P rounds are smaller in diameter than the big bore calibers, but pack a big punch; this translates into more penetration power. I use a Taurus Total Titanium Tracker, which is a very accurate seven shot .357 Magnum revolver.

    3. For the same reason, keep relatively heavy weight (for example 158 grain in .357 Magnum) full metal jacket or jacketed soft point ammo in the firearm when on the road. Especially avoid hollow point bullets, which provide less penetration than standard cast lead bullets.

    4. Practice firing the weapon from your motorcycle. For this, you need a large, privately owned, sparsely populated property area where you know ahead of time there will be no people wandering around. Start with dry fire practice. Pick a specific target (like a tree) as you are moving and track it, dry firing the gun 3-6 times at the target. Once you are comfortable taking your eyes off the road for the time it takes to fire 3-6 rounds, load the firearm and practice firing one round at a time at a paper target (so you can see where your bullets hit) in front of a safe backstop. Start with a smaller caliber if you have one available. (Another reason I like a .357 Magnum revolver is that you can use the same gun to fire the lighter .38 Special round.) Work your way up until you can empty all the chambers comfortably and accurately with full power ammunition.

    5. If you decide to fire, FIRE AT THE DRIVER, NOT THE CAR. Obvious in retrospect, make sure you decide to fire at the driver before you engage to avoid time-consuming, and therefore dangerous, mistakes.

    6. Once you hit the driver, get away from the car! The car could go ANYWHERE at that point, and the farther you move away from it, the less likely it is to accidentally hit you.

    If you are ever in a situation where you are being attacked with lethal force on the road, it goes without saying that you should try to escape by any means possible that does not endanger your life or the life of innocent bystanders. Evade if you possibly can, resorting to lethal counter-force only as a last resort.

    Christopher Lee is a Doctor of Psychology and has been a personal self defense instructor for over twelve years.
  2. OMFG HAHAHAHAHA. That is hilarious. Gotta love those crazy americans!!!
  3. Yep :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  4. hmmmm use the force I will.
    Defend myself I must! :twisted:
  5. You know the old saying:

    Better judged by twelve than carried by six.
  6. the .357 Magnum has always been my personal mobile weapon of choice. I find it light wieght enough not to cause me concern or attention whilst riding or driving, but enough kick and penetration to successfully remove the unecessary brain matter often found in beligerant cagers.

    As Dirty Harry said "This is the Magnum 45, if used correctly, it can remove fingerprints...."
  7. Teflon covered bullets are the go. These will allow you to fire thtough several panes of glass if your cagey decides to duck behind another vehicle.
  8. Love your work dude, keep it up!
  9. *scan mirrors*

    *head check*


    66 FIRING NOW!

  10. Those yanks crack me up.....

    Still useful to know how to protect oneself out on our roads :-k
  11. Doctor of Psychology indeed, sounds like he's the one who should seek help.
  12. That's insane... at points i found myself laughing.. but was quickly pulled back inline by the tone of seriousness.
    Can someone clarify; should i be riding an carry a gun for 'self defence' am i supposed to ride ahead of the car, then turn around and aim at the driver... or am i to attempt to get behind the car and shoot at the driver?

    I can see positives and negatives of both:-
    Infront: the driver can only accelerate... and you can accelerate quicker.
    Behind: he can slam on the brakes and if you've got one hand on a gun then your unlikely to be able to pull up as hard as the driver can.

  13. For safety though, in Australia we'd need a left-hand throttle... to get around needing to ride it the right hand lane or firing across your chest.
  14. Thank god I'm left handed. Now I can wind on the throttle and fire my hand gun at the same time.

    Brilliant! 8)
  15. Lucky I have been to shoot with both hands and also to keep both eyes open as well.
  16. hmm now that takes me back :
    Bridge / GDP ... GDP / bridge.... Bridge / GDP

    Target bearing green 220 , target is blue nissan skyline with doof doof sound.

    you are cleared to engage 6 rounds only 357 magnum, shoot when target is clear of school bus .

    GDP / Bridge 6 rounds 357 shoot when clear of bus , rodger !
  17. "What happens next is up to you..."

    The Army reserve, where you learn to shoot guns on motorcycles.
  18. They are right about the recoil.

    Firing my GAU-8 from a Postie bike does nasty thing to your balance.
  19. Now I'm starting to worry... :?
  20. Magnum my arse, personally I like my trusty old fashion Tommy Gun mounted in the undertray, simply overtake said vehicle and engage in fire (I wired the tigger up to that useless "pass" button). Though you may not hit the driver, he wont have much of a front end left, and as an added bonus it blows holes in you number plate so no one can identify your bike :) :LOL: :p