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hard trance

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by nibor, Oct 21, 2008.

  1. im wanting some goood music to get me pumped.
    i love my trance/techno/house and most variations/sub-genres of it.
    think of Flutlicht - Icarus (original mix)
    or dj Tiesto - Adagio for strings
    or cosmic gate - exploration of space.

    im after something with a good solid bass/beat, which is guaranteed to get me energetic :grin:

    and suggestions people?
    johnny o i know u like your trance :grin:
  2. Top track... Flashback by Alphazone, Dave Joy remix, listen to all of it, awesome!
  3. Cosmic Gate - Drums
    Cosmic Gate - Drums 2005
    Cosmic gate - Back to Earth
    Cosmic Gate - Miss Shiva, Dreams
    Cosmic Gate - Vanessa Mae, White Bird
    Walt & Feliz - Funk'd
    Walt & Feliz - Expansion
    Walt & Feliz - Endless
    Walt - Bring the Pain
    Tiesto - Traffic
    Tiesto - Dance 4 Life
    Spolvet - Rock the Sun
    Derb - Derb
    Dave Joy - Fourth Joyride
    Dave Joy - First Impression
    Dave Joy - Second Chase
    Dave Joy - Third Pleasure

    Get into those mofo, got tons more!
  4. A.S.Y.S. - No More fcuking Rock & Roll
    Cosmic Gate - Human Beings
    Busted - Tricky, Tricky
    DJ Dean - Play it Hard
    DJ Isaac - Nobody Listens to Techno
    DJ Joop - Act of God
    Technoboy - Demolition
    Warp Brothers - Smells Like Teen Spirit.

    God the list goes on!..... You got me amped up now, I'm playing away.
  5. I've got hours of hard trance that'll blow your mind!
  6. To get pumped to need some hardstyle, try...

    DJ Zany - Feel the Drumz
    DJ Zany - Pure
    DJ Zany - Sky High
    Blutonium Boy - Brainshooter
    Donkey Rollers - Sound of the Beast, DJ Zany extended mix
    Junkfood Junkies - The Journey
  7. ahh its hard coz ur listing half the stuff i have already, but i cant really give u a list of everything i have haha.

    human beings is awesome.
    i've got most songs by CG, but still missing a bit.
    Tiesto is a god :cool:

    Limewire, engage!! :grin:
  8. Two words: Nasen Bluten.

    If you can't find any of their stuff, then I guess you'd better stick with DJ Paul Elstak, only because you deserve it.


    Seriously though, most of the 'hard' trance around these days is softer than a wet bag full of dead kittens.
  9. german for nose bleed?

    ahh sorry if my hard isnt hard enough for you :roll:
    i can only listen to what i've know or have been told, eh :wink:

    enlighten me if you think i need some educating :p
  10. after having a poke around teh int3rwebz, and listen to some uploads on youtube, i can confidently say Nasenbluten (one word :wink:) are not hard trance. hardcore, and oldschool hardcore at that, theyre not too bad. but not what im looking for. J.O. is on track to what im requesting
    the operating word is trance. hard, deep, trance.

    now to find out who Paul Elstak is :grin:

    cheers anyway :)
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    aaaaaaahhaahahah dont insult me. omfg that is shit. 8xvkYaldSd0[/media]]Rainbow In The Sky, the closest his music ever gets to harcore is happy (read: shithouse) harcore. that is terrible :LOL:
  12. all good mate :p
    most of that post was tongue in cheek.


    I'm more into broken beats these days, although i spent a lot of my teenage years listening to the 4/4 beats of trance (what used to be just called 'trance' is now called 'hard trance' but the sound is the same). Tiesto was a freaking god as a DJ when witnessed live, but none of his own productions really did it for me.

    Killer tunes come and go, but the really good ones stick around (no, not those felching anthems that MoS releases on a cd every year, I mean the tunes that you don't get bored of after a few weeks, or sometimes decades for the really good ones). On that note, tracks that achieve sudden commercial success 'generally' have some poxy novelty that people think is cool until they hear it when they're not wasted and realise the track has no value and that the novelty is actually annoying.

    As for this, I'd recommend Amon Tobin's 'Chaos Theory' and 'Out from out where' albums. Both very energetic and technical. You may not like it, but if you do, it'll be a mind opener to something that isnt based on a boring 4/4 beat.


    Yes, Nasen Bluten is nosebleed. One of the original members now runs noisexchange in melbourne.


  13. My tip to find some more trance that gets YOU going is this:

    - Take a track that you know that you like.
    - look it up on discogs.com or rolldabeats.com
    - take note of the record label and artist
    - take note of any compilations or DJ mix CDs that track appears on
    - listen to other tracks by the same artist
    - listen to other tracks released by the same label
    - listen to other tracks on those compilations/mixes, find the ones you like, look up their artists/labels and repeat the process.


    Music is subjective, so someone else isnt going to be able to tell you what you like.

    In the old days (still happens in some parts of the country/world) people went down to their record store and listened to all the new releases from the labels/artists they liked, and purchased the ones that they dug.

    these days you can do the same thing, but using the internet.
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    sorry to subject you to that rubbish.

    However, it was necessary. I hope you understand. ;)
  15. hahah yeah sorry to say but i like my commercial music too, i work at clubs, but i much rather listen to good stuff, not MoS, or anything else so mainstream its popular for a few weeks then gone forever.

    ive done similar to your suggested searches, for most artists i've just searched for everything, downloaded as much as i can, including anything of theirs remixed, and any remixes they have done. can be quite effective.

    i still like to listen to tohers suggestions though. your 100% correct music and descriptions/definitions are subjective, but if i can partially get my idea across, then others go hey how about this, its something i've never heard of, but fair chance i will like it if they were on the same wavelength as me. from here i search for everything, and stumble upon a lot more new music :grin:

    mmm anyway downloading some Amon Tobin now, will get back to you :p
  16. don't forget to send some money to the artists of the stuff you like... by perhaps, buying a cd or seeing a show every now and then ;)
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    motorcycle's as the rush comes, one of my favourite vocal trance songs. it's just so relaxing, so involving. love it :)
    really needa get my hands on a copy of Tiesto's cd Nyana, has this and a fair few others on it.
    i loved Yakooza's Cocaine when it came out, and i still like the original. that mix is ok, but i prefer some of Scott Project's other work, more original stuff and some remixes.
    Derb's selftitled, have you heard The Real Booty Babes' mix of that? its awesome! :grin:
    ahhh Alex Kidd, havent heard him before.
    shame the video you linked doesnt work :p

    cheers Es :grin:
  18. #19 es, Oct 22, 2008
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    yeah its awesome

    link works for me! u must be doing it wrong :p
  19. kept sayin 'sorry vid is no longer available'
    tried a few times, coz sometimes its dodgy :?

    i'll have a hunt :grin: