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Hard to kick into 1st gear (every now and then)

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by gracebeey, Oct 2, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    First of all, I'm not very familiar with my new bike yet, so bear with me .

    Anyway, today on the way home from work, as I was leaving the parking lot, I had to put the bike into neutral to pay for parking. After paying, I got on it again, kicked up the sidestand and kick it into first. Lo and behold, it refused. I kicked again, it was still in Neutral. Kick, kick, kick, kick. Still neutral.

    So I paddle it to the side (so other cars can pass), cursing under my breath. But then I kicked again and it finally clicked into the first gear.

    I thought it was a once off. I stopped by a pub (for a steak :p ), and after dinner I got back on the bike. At the first light, I tried clicking it into first gear to stop, but it was stuck on Neutral again. This time I only had to kick it about 3-4 times before it finally engaged.

    My bike is still under warranty so I can bring it in to get it checked, but it would help if someone maybe has an idea of what's going on with it so I'm not going in blind. I'm not very mechanically minded, by the way.

    Please note that this doesn’t happen often – it’s only happened twice so far. I do notice that they both happened within 50 metres of the start of my ride – do you think it’s got something to do with the fact that maybe it’s not warmed up yet?

    My ride this morning had no problems. However, as my warranty runs out just before Christmas, I’d like to get this fixed now if it is a problem. I asked the sales person, he suggested engaging and disengaging the clutch twice and then try again, which is what another person also suggested for me to do.

    They suggested that because my bike still has low kms (3000ks), (and I'm quoting here) the teeth can be trying to push against each other, rather than mesh together, and with more use the gearbox will free up and become nice and smooth.

    What do you think?

    Thanks a lot everyone!

  2. When you cant get 1st gear from neutral release the clutch completely and try again. It always works for me
  3. Sounds like maybe a clutch adjustment or idling too high , when you release the clutch does it take up close to the handle bars ?? if so take some of the slack out of the cable ? if it is cable operated clutch that is .

    Cheers Bob
  4. Both my V-Strom (K6) and SV650s (K3) do the same thing, they have 30,000k’s and 50,000k’s respectively. Also my better half’s sv650s (k6 with 20,000km) does the same thing. These bikes all have the same gearbox.
    If you sit in neutral with the clutch in they won’t go into gear. Just release the clutch and squeeze again then select first straight away. It always goes straight in.

    If it makes you feel better take it in and get the dealer to check it out. I would just to be sure.
  5. Common enough issue, like Spin said that should work.

    Even so it shouldnt happen so it's worth getting the clutch checked out while it's under warranty.
  6. This often happens because the gearbox #1 shaft and gears need to be turning to stop the teeth from jamming against the other gears.

    By holding the clutch in, you disconnect #1 shaft from the engine and it stops turning.

    When you let the clutch out, the engine turns #1 shaft, and now it is spinning again you can pull the clutch and put it into gear, and when the teeth contact they will slip into position properly.

    This problem is more obvious when there is more friction in the gearbox (thick oil or new gearbox).
  7. Thanks all! I'm hoping this is a rare one-off, and it seems that the popular suggestion is to pull the clutch in and release, and try again. I'll see if I have any more troubles. It's not really worrying me, but yeah I'd probably wait a month and get a full service (and get it checked whilst I'm there!) before the warranty runs out.

    I'll let you all know if it happens again. So far so good today....

    On another note altogether, aside from that small glitch, I'm completely happy with my SV!! Wooo!!

  8. Cool.

    Pulled a wheelie yet? I'm happy to test it out for you and show you how :D
  9. Except that it's not a clutch problem. The clutch is doing its job extremely well and stopping all rotation of the input shaft to the gearbox. That's why it won't go into gear, because the gears are not quite rotated enough to slip into mesh with each other.

    As others have said, letting the clutch out and pulling it in again, and PRESSING the lever down gently :) while the gears are still spinning will be enough.


    Trevor G
  10. All,

    It happened again. Three times. And guess what, ALL of them within 50 metres of starting the bike :eek: . I tried the trick suggested - clutch in and out again - and it worked! :p

    It seems like a very common thing, I'm a bit embarassed now. I've just been lucky I guess, never had this on my GS500!

    Andrew, no wheelies yet! I've been trawling through every single YouTube instruction video for it, and been practicing the sequences :grin: (kinda like shadow boxing - only for wheelies, I guess shadow wheeling!). It's confusing but, there seem to be differing opinions on how to pull a wheelie....and each one contradicts others! :?

    You should show me how to do this on Friday. That is, if I'm able to leave my house. Wisdom teeth surgery tomorrow!!!! :shock: :shock: :shock: