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Hard to get Good Pants

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by outactrl, Jan 24, 2006.

  1. Why is it hard, Simple, im built like just about any 30y/o who looks after himself, 175cm 70kgs, except i have a very small waist, its about size a 26-27
    most mens jeans/leather riding pants for men, get as low as a 28 or 30, and i will tell you, if your going to spend top dollar on a pair of leather pants from a local supplier or over the internet to save a bit of cash, you would want to make sure thay are the correct size and a perfect fit.
    Jackets im fine, fit into any normal bodied jacket.

    Sure a few mates said, "you can get womans leather pants that are smaller sized and are styled like mens", but it just didnt feel right about it.

    So what did i do? for those that dont know, there is a busiess in Melbourne called "Tiger Angle", who make leather riding gear.
    they make custom sized pants and jackets, (as well as haveing a range of standard sizing on the shelf.)
    so i went in, checked them out and Julie and Steve were there to take my questions and measure me up.
    i must say one thing, the quality of this gear is Very High, the website that they have doesnt nearly do justice to the quality of the leather they use, or to the fit.
    2-3 week later and i get the call, "Hey you sexy guy, your pants are ready" (well maybe not exactly those words) so the following day i was into Melbourne to try them on.

    these babies fit so good, i didnt want to take them of when i got home!

    Did i mention Fully customised, i picked everything, colours, style, everything!!

    so i know there are a few people out there with short legs, oversized calves, beer guts, and big thighs (not all on the same body) i stongly urge you to go in and check them out.

    So on the Bart Simpson scale of "1 to 10", 1 being the lowest, 10 being the highest, and 5 being average, i give these pants, a 9!
    (10 would be if i got em for free!)

    check em out.. you odd bodied peoples
  2. how much did they set you back ??
  3. You left out the most important detail....$
  4. I put in an order for a guardian suit 2 weeks ago. Stay tuned for the review :)
  5. ooops, soory
    (give me a sec and i will find a pic and upload it)
    i think the price is great, considering the pair i wanted from Peter Stevens was $650 - 700.
  6. I've got the tiger angel guardian suit, awesome bit of kit.
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