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Hard to find service like this these days

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by fitryder, Jun 7, 2007.

  1. So some f***ing idiot knocked my bike over the other day in the downstairs parking lot at work and because i park it near these supports it hit the screen and cracked it!

    big crack to, like ARGH!

    Anyway, i dont know of any wreckers so i searched for a few on the net, got recommended a few and so i started to inquire

    Got about 2 emails back from 6 with pretty avg prices and shipping....

    Until i got a call! A call from Jay at Sydney Motorcycle Wreckers and Workshop at Alexandria.

    Anyway, had a nice chat, a laugh and got a new tinted screen delivered for $130.

    Not only that but he gave me his number, any dramas, brake downs, need another part, what ever, give him a buzz.

    This guy is a champ!

    Its good to know that there is still good people out there looking out for one another!

    I'm sure there is something in the T&C about posting sites but this guy deserves a spill so http://motorcycles.net.au/index.html

    Will defo be going back to him in the future!

  2. I work just around the corner from them and have been round more than a few times to grab bits and pieces. You should see their parts bins!! "Yeah mate, just go have a rummage and if you find anything we'll work out a price..." Champs.

    PS You probably should've posted this in the "Business and Service Providers" section, but I'm sure some nice moderator will move it for you soon...
  3. Bought my bike from him :)

    I'd give them more of my money if they were a bit closer to home...