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Hard-tailed mid-sized Japanese cruiser

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by demuire, Oct 17, 2005.

  1. After doing QRide and looking at pictures of bikes lots, I'm sort of looking into hard-tailed mid-sized cruisers... The ones that come to mind for me are:

    Yamaha XVS650 Custom
    Honda VT600C
    Honda VT750C
    Kawasaki VN800 (some of them seem to be hard tailed?)
    Suzuki VZ800 Marauder

    Are there any others I should look into? I've been told to steer well clear of the Hyosung...

    Any recommendations for or cautions against any of the models? Someone I was speaking to yesterday recons the Yamaha is good among the lot because of the shaft drive (low maintenance, quiet)...

  2. Newer VT750C Hondas have also been shaft-driven recently, as have most of my lady friends, coincidentally.

    The Hondas are a huge seller, they're worth looking into as there may well be a fair few around after a sales boom a couple years ago in which (i seem to recall) they were the biggest selling road bike of the year.
  3. An awkward mix of metaphors there, Loz, but I think I know what your mean!!! (tsk tsk, Hornet riders, what can you say???)
  4. Oh yeah, Suzuki M50 :)

    I think I made a mistake with the Honda VT750C, that isn't really a hardtail (bobtail? no idea what it's supposed to be called), I think I meant the VT750D? The one that looks like the Yamaha XVS650 Custom (as opposed to the Classic)
  5. Gee whiz, the M50 is a really good looking bike :) I wonder how much it retails for, there're like none in the classifieds :p Most definately way out of my budget I'm guessing :p
  6. I picked up an early Marauder (96) - Very Low K's, excellent condition (except that nasty-ass flat spot!)

    $7k ....

    Keep looking, they are out there !
  7. Don't forget the Triumph America and Speedmaster in the mix - you can get Speedies for a fair buck now, since the new model has been released.
  8. Mmm Marauder :)

    Called up Suzuki, M50 is "only" $12990 ride away, which is only like, "only" $1500 more than the Yamaha. And so much more bike.

    About now I need to win a lottery :)

    What are Triumph bikes like as far as reliability, maintenance etc goes? Most people I speak to recon the Japanese ones are the best bang for buck, and cheapest to maintain and upkeep...
  9. demuire what your after is a rigid look in a cruiser i.e. hidden rear suspension.

    the C50 was launched in 2004 and the M50 this year. be hard pressed to find many in the second hand market.
  10. Maybe I'll wait till next year when the M50 will be "last years model" :p Oh well, keep looking. Still early days yet :D
  11. Yamaha XVS650 Custom
    Honda VT600C
    Honda VT750C
    Kawasaki VN800 (some of them seem to be hard tailed?)
    Suzuki VZ800 Marauder

    None of the bikes you have listed are 'hard tailed'.

    All of them have rear suspension and the meaning of 'hard-tail' when applied to motorcycles means that the bike has no rear suspension.

    Custom harleys are sometimes hard tails, old classic bikes are sometimes hard tails... modern japanese cruisers aren't.
  12. I think he means the upswept rear (or "on heat" look as my aunt calls it) as opposed to the downswept mudguard.
  13. ZRX1200R: I think what I meant was what duHast said before - looking like a hard tailed bike, not necessarily actually being one.

    I actually didn't really notice the fact that the rear suspension was hidden at first, but I liked the shape of the rear guards...
  14. LOL, "on heat", that's a good one :D
  15. Not to labour the point, this http://classybikes.com/viewlisting.php?listing_id=28856 is a hardtail. Not even the most devout masochist could find this attractive or comfortable, so I think the request is for one of the cruisers with hidden suspension, that LOOKS a bit like this????
  16. actually no, not even a bike that looks like that :p But a bike that looks like say... A Yamaha Warrior :) Or a Suzuki M50 :D
  17. I got a quote recently for the 2005 M90 (1500) for $16K ride away. I passed - I didn't like one thing about the bike apart from the warranty. The handlebars were the WORST I've ever had the misfortune to encounter.
  18. voyager: really? that's a shame, what didn't you like about the handlebars? Were they really awkward to use? I need to go see the bike in the flesh sometime :)
  19. It was the positioning of them, the bend into the handgrips that had me hating them. Basically, if you were to GRIP the handgrips, your wrists had to flare out on about a 30 degree angle. The chap said "just rest on the top" but if you do that and hit a bump, its all over!

    Plus the seat felt like a leatherette-covered plywood plank. Flat and hard.