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Hard tail box for CBR650f

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by MrData, Oct 11, 2016.

  1. Hey guys,

    This year I've commuted with the bike through winter. It's all good, but I find it a pain to have to pack and unpack and repack my wet weather gear into my backpack every other day.

    I'm looking for lockable hard luggage that fits on or behind the pillion seat. I know I can get a tailpack or such but that would have to be taken with me when I arrive at the destination.

    Ideally I'd like to get something large enough to fit rolled up overpants and jacket and a small first aid kit.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks all,

    Mr D.
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  3. Not sure if this the sort of thing you are looking for, but I have a ventura rack on my bike. When I'm not using the touring rack and luggage, I have the Astro Top box for around town. It is big enough for one helmet and my first aid and puncture kits, my wallet and a drink or two - but I have to put them in like tetris! Unfortunately my jacket won't fit with the helmet. If i didn't have a back protector in my jacket I could probably roll it and make it fit. The Astro top box has a quick release function, which for me was essential. The clasp and lock on the top box is a little bit clumsy and annoying, but I prefer having something that is completely removable and interchangeable on the bike and this was the best option I could find. Personally I didn't like the look of the GIVI system (on the twisted throttle website) for my bike as the frame looked quite excessive, and the top box seemed to hang a fair way off the back of the bike, whereas the ventura system is a little more subtle and lower profile in my opinion - at least on my ninja anyway. I can also rotate the top box so it sits over the pillion seat, if I decide I don't want it hanging off the back of the bike. I put the grab rail on the ventura rack when I don't have any luggage, which makes it look quite sleek imho.

    Hope that helps. I can post some pics if you'd like.
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  4. Yes please! Being able to mount it backwards over the pillion is important to me.

    Thanks mate. I'm brand agnostic but there are a good range of lockable boxes there.

    My main requirement is to mount a hard, lockable case in such a way that it presents a challenge to get it off. Ventura rack with a givi (or similar) box will likely do it.

    Appreciate the help lady and gent.