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hard start for CRF250R 06 build

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by pulsing, Nov 13, 2006.

  1. Hi guys,
    i am new to this forum i tried to search but it just wouldnt work for me so im sorry if this has been covered before.

    i have an 06 model crf250r with about 70hours of normal riding on it and the POS just will not kick start. roll starts no worries and runs smoothly and seems to have good power (keeps up with a brand new one). i have just had the whole top end apart and cleaned the whole lot up which gave more power and smoother idle. i also adjusted the pilot screw in the carby.

    only thing i can think of is that somehow the static compression is lacking but the valves were seated ok (no solvent leaked through when i filled the ports up)

    spark is good, fuel seems ok (may be rich tho; a lot of carbon in exhaust port) and runs ok so i think comp is ok. i dont have a comp tester tho and the only one i can find is $50+ which i just dont have atm.

    or i am doing something wrong trying to start it, choke on, a throttle twist or two and then try to kick. just not working

    other people i have talked to say to get rams to rebuild the head ($~800)

    any ideas???

  2. Some people are good kick starters and some suck at it, fact of life.

    The fact it roll starts np says to me that unfortunately you're one of the ones that suck at kickstarting.

    Try the slight throttle twist as you kick, not before you kick.
  3. some other people have tried and they cant do it either?
  4. Birds of a feather flock together.

  5. fair enough.

    so it doesnt sound like anything mechanical to you?

    i can kick other bikes over. i am so stumped and over it
  6. Doesn't it have a warranty?? Or don't the competiton bikes get them??
  7. not sure mate. bike is 2nd hand.
  8. Hard to say without trying it, really.

    You see a lot of pros roll start their dirtbikes and later when they stack on the track they kickstart, interesting trivia huh?
  9. So...... can ya kick it over after it's been ridden for a while and is all warmed up?
  10. occasionally it will kick after being stopped when warm. owill only start if you get it first go though.
  11. Don't give a 4 stroke throttle before you kick it over. That's a big no no.
    The main reason why 4 stroke MXers can be hard to kick over is the valve clearances are out.
  12. Try cranking the engine over a little with kick starter till it goes past a compression stroke. Now, when you kick start, you'll get a good long resistance free kick, and wil give the engine heaps of inertia.
    Also, a lean idle mix will make an engine reluctant to start with very low cranking speeds (like kick starting) but will catch just fine with a bit more speed (roll start).
    Could also be ignition timing a wee bit retarded too?

    Regards, Andrew.
  13. cool thanks mate. i went and visited my local honda dealer and all they basically said was that the genuine valves are crap and that they send all their heads of to RAMS in windsor (west sydney) but i still cant see how the valves would be causing this as there were well seated and the bike starts when hot.

    i took it for a 20min ride this morning and it started 3 times no troubles. 3 kicks the first time 3 kicks the second and wait for it...first kick the third time.
  14. I could see poorly seating valves causing it, but you tested them well enough.
    Maybe your valve clearances could use checking too, if they were a bit loose, it might make it a tiny bit harder to start cold.
    Oh, another cold engine trick that might help is crank it through with kickstarter a couple of revolutions with full choke on and no ignition on.
    This will hopefully guarantee some fuel in teh combustion chamber for your first solid kick.

    Regards, Andrew.
  15. if anything clearances are too close. checked them 3hours of riding ago
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  17. i've been to this forum as well so far has been very helpful


    i talked to the guys at Rams Head Service in windsor today, they really go all out. they replace
    seats in the head
    for intake valves/seats only $900
    for all four valves $1500

  18. different bikes, but my xr was a bastard to kick for a while. when it got serviced they said the intake valves were pretty tight, they fixed that and it would kick first time everytime after that.......
  19. yea the guys from the forum in my previous post were very helpful. i think i will get new valves, springs and have the seats cleaned up a bit. thanks guys i will let you knwo how i get on...

  20. A more successfull fix would be to sell the CRF & buy either a YZF or KTM. All problems solved :LOL: Seriously