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Hard luggage with pillion - problem?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by NorthShoreHornet, Aug 27, 2016.

  1. Hi all. I've done a few searches and can't find the answers either here or on the stromtrooper forum, hence this thread.

    I have recently got an 07 Wee strom and am looking to do some touring with my wife. It has a nice big givi top box which was great for the one short trip we did, about four days on the road.

    Now I am looking at adding side panniers for longer trips but I see the odd reference to issues with space for a pillion rider. I don't want to spend over a grand on boxes to find that it makes my dearly beloved uncomfortable.

    Does anyone who has fitted hard luggage and who does some touring with pillion care to share their experiences?

    I like the look of the Trekker luggage but see others mount lower....

    Any assistance appreciated.

  2. I have the trekker outback 37l on a 2014 vstrom 1000. I haven't ridden with a passenger. Sat once on the passenger seat and the panniers were touching the legs, but don't know what it would be like if someone was sitting in front of me.

    As to buying the panniers / rack, definitely buy them at motostorm.it
    37l Trekker Outback retail in oz ~ $600
    motostorm.it ~ $400
    I would go for the 37l, the 47l are so wide!
    Get the silver colour as the black are too difficult to keep clean.

    mounting bracket was much cheaper as well.

    You could try sitting on a Triumph Tiger as they use the trekker outbacks
  3. I'd be careful about the legs aswell with hardcases.
    My suggestion would be to find out what the dimensions of the paniers then tape a similarly sized cardboard box to the bike....you'll know very fast if its a no go.
  4. Hi guys thanks for this

    Have done some more googling since the OP and found lots of images of the various givi bags on the dl650.

    Shucker, thanks for the comments, the outback panniers look very business like but there were a couple of posts about those causing trouble for pillions, so I'm avoiding those.

    Nicolai, the cardboard cut out idea would work if I knew how they would be mounted on the bike - that depends on the frame which I cannot easily mock up. Plus its a 3D issue getting my wife's leg over, so to speak!

    Also went into a vendor today and talked to them but got the usual "I have worked here 25 years and I have never heard of a problem with pillions and hard luggage" plus I also got "The EU wouldn't allow Givi to sell them if there was any problem"

    Anyway, I did have a chance to look at some mounted on a beemer, not the same bike I know but useful.

    I may end up getting the monokey rack and then trying one of the various types that fit - that doesn't include the V35 or the Trekker. Still a fair bit of choice.

  5. We've got a couple of riders in our group with different types of Givi setup and their pillions have never complained about them over some pretty long distant runs.

    There was also a Givi pannier rack system with the "-R" suffix, this allowed you to remove the majority of the mounting system via a couple of twist-lock bolts:

    I agree with selecting the Monokey over the Monolock, you can get the larger top boxes with they "key" type mount, but be wary of weight, Givi specify a max of 10kg for the largest top boxes, same with the pannier as well.
  6. I have pillioned on long trips with my other half with the hard panniers on and top box. No problems to speak of....all depends on the bike and passenger I suppose..:)
  7. Thanks again, Barry mcki, any chance of a photo of your mates setup?
    Caz, this was what I was looking for, actual pillion experience. Thanks for that.
  8. Ours bikes are Bandits, but the setup is pretty much the same. You would have seen the V35 (that's what I have BTW), here is a E31 keyless.


    Whilst I'm not too fond of the style of these panniers, these have the advantage in that you can open the top section when it is on the bike without all the contents spilling out the sides like the V35. Some of the square box type panniers also have this second lid arrangement.

    IMO panniers don't really get in the way, if anything they provide a bit of a bucket seat type arrangement to keep your pillions bum sliding sideways. As for their legs, their thighs are parallel to the ground, so they are out of the way, and with their knees about level with your hips and their feet on the back pegs they too are away from the front of the panniers. If anything it is the rear peg position that makes things uncomfortable for the pillion, the top box and panniers actually help in making them feel more secure.
  9. Have to agree with you there barry_mckibarry_mcki about the bucket seat comparison :).
  10. Thanks Barry, that's a really nice looking bike. I have a 650 GSXF but have ridden the 1250 a few times. Super smooth and I would have one for touring if the DL650 wasnt so comfortable!
    I will pass on the info to the better half and we will go from there.

    Thanks again Caz for the first hand input.

  11. I built mine for the stroms with this in mind. It mean they sit a little bit further back than ideal, but my wife pillions every day to work with me and has no issues. You can see the build here: Middo's weestrom projects

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  12. Thanks Middo, thanks for the pics. I suggested to my wife that having her own Vstrom would solve our problem and she said that in that case I would need a new wife, not a set of panniers:):)

    Your build thread was great, but it made me feel a more than a tad inadequate, some epic farkling skills there. I had to check the radiator water level and top up the other day and was amazed to find how much disassembly is required. I cant see me building my own unless I can make them out of plywood, having close to zero metal working skills. Also makes me realise I havent done any night rides yet..something to look forward to over summer.

    I did notice the panniers are set back quite a bit, which is good to know. Did you get to waterproof? I note that Givi say their (quite expensive) outback trekker pannier isn't waterproof, then sell you waterproof bags to put inside it!

  13. Thanks but it's not mine, belongs to a good mate from Adelaide, he does a fair bit of touring interstate with his daughter as pillion.
  14. Mine are waterproof. We discovered that when we rode through the aftermath of a cyclone in Kalgoorlie. 300 mm of rain in one day, and no leaks. The lids fold down over the sides of the boxes by about 15 mm, which is enough to keep rain out.

    My metal working skills were pretty basic before this, but I had bought the welder a couple of years before on the pretext that it could do almost anything, so it was time to use it! (I just used it to weld a new metal beam into the roof of the house, so I guess I have learned since then). I haven't even checked the radiator on the strom yet. Only 57000 kms. Maybe next time I change the oil, as I need to do the valve clearances too.

    I really built them myself because of cost. As you said, it is a fair whack to lay out for a set of panniers. Two sets, with racks and I was looking at over $2000, so I taught myself. Youtube was also helpful.

    It is really up to you where you go with this. I would suggest you also get onto stromtrooper and have a look at what others have done there too. Ammo cases, pelican boxes, homemade stuff and all sorts of purchased stuff.
  15. Well done you, then. I have a son in law who is a wiz with a welder so I get him to do the metal bits and i do wooden stuff.

    If you haven't checked your water level in 57000 ks then you might be in for a shock - I meant the header tank not the radiator - having been brought up on BSA's the concept of a radiator is strange enough, let alone a header tank.

    Am enjoying my V strom - a lot of fun for not a lot of money. Might need to change my avatar - im probably going to give/permanent lend the gsx650 to my son.
  16. I picked up a Giving monokey rack today and fitted it to the bike with a little effort. I did have professional help though and the assistant insisted on a test ride to make sure it was all right afterwards

    image. image.
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