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Hard Krome Exhaust for Yamaha XVS650 Custom

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by Ash_173, Jan 24, 2013.

  1. I've been looking for an exhaust for my Custom, I like the look of the Hard Krome offerings the best. Nice straight, fat pipes with a good length. The American Classic II looks brilliant!

    The dilemma is I'm struggling to find a reliable stockist with the correct pipes. Phat Performance Parts has the correct exhaust, but I've read some mixed reviews on accuracy and service. Does anyone have suggestions? The second option is V&H Cruzers, which while quite nice, don't have the same straight-through appeal.
  2. Meancycles.com
    I got my HardKrome pipe from them
    1st class service from U.S.
    Ask for JC
  3. How have you found the Hard Krome quality?
  4. Can't grumble
    Only done around 1000-1200kms with pipe but no issues
    Quality of finish is good
    Would recommend
  5. How'd you go with getting pipes? I'm looking at Hard Krome/Road Burner, just trying to find a cheaper price if possible, postage is the killer. daEbay is sometimes stocking but a bit to random for my liking! BTW-had to edit your post coz I'm ONE like away from being able to quote products/links!!! Pretty lame.
  6. A few setbacks have put my pipe dreams on hold, but I've gotten fixated on the 3" Res-Tec pipes. I would be happy to do a combined order if it cut down postage, but it wouldn't be for a while.
  7. That sounds like a plan coz I won't be ordering mine for another 3 months or so! I've been looking at the 3" Res-Tec's and according to the Hard Krome website they're not making them for the Vstar anymore! To tell you the truth, it's pretty hard to find compatible pipes for my late model Vstar, think they stopped checking compatibility when the bike was taken off the market in the U.S. I'll prob just purchase and hope because don't think anything has changed with the bikes over the years...or so I hope!
  8. Mechanically they seem to be same regardless of year. 3 months should be enough time to save a bit! The meancycles price and range seems to be the best I've found. They're the best looking pipes I've found and I haven't heard a bad word, it's a shame they aren't more popular and available here.
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