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hard 1st to 2nd gear changes

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by TAX123, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. this happens when i ride for a while & when my bike heats up it seems to get harder to shift from 1st to second without getting stuck in neutral, even when i keep my foot up let go of the clutch then i hear grinding noises and slips back to neutral. The shift is noisy too a big clunk to go from 1 to 2 but from then on 3-6 smooth

  2. what sort of bike//
  3. The clunk isn't something that worries me, it's this grinding and slipping into neutral again. As above what bike do you have and what year?
  4. As above, What bike? Also, when was the last time you changed the oil, and what weight of oil did you use?
  5. Also the oil filter.
  6. Adjust your clutch cable a bit,
    It might be just a tad loose,
  7. quality new oil.... That usually fixes this.
  8. Check all your gear shift linkages and get the chain tension right. Get the right oil in there.

    If it persists after that, it may be internal.
  9. uh oh... im having the same kinda problem and i just read this from another forum.....Symptoms i have exactly... not too happy jan... (05-06 zx6r)

    If im pushing my bike i usually stuff up 1st to 2nd. And i've noticed in 2nd gear ill make a huge rev noise when im in high rpm... But my bike only has 17k kms =\

    This thread has a bunch of info about this problem

  10. thanks for all that info

    bikes an old fzr600

    almost done 100k

    oil is 15w50 castrol

    may change it and see what happens, may also adjust clutch if i can will look in manual too see how to do it. Chain tension seems ok
  11. Grease the gear shift linkages, pay special attention to the end of the gear lever, where it goes around the footrest.
    FZR600's are awesome machines but both my 600 and the FZR 1000 have shown these symptoms over the years. Oh, and recently a friends FZR250 did the same thing.
    Change the oil often, she'll love you for it, I do mine every 3 thousand and an oil filter every 9 thousand. I have 300,000 on the thou and 120,000 on the 600.